Antioxidants May Improve the Chances of Conceiving in Male Subfertility

Antioxidants May Improve the Chances of Conceiving in Male Subfertility

According to the new systematic review which was published in The Cochrane Library on January 10, ai???Supplements with antioxidants may benefit the couples who have a difficulty in conceiving naturally. This review provides an evidence from the small number of traits which suggest that the partners of those men who intake antioxidants or its supplements are much more likely to have pregnancy.

Male subfertility usually affects 1 in 20 men. There are some chemicals called ROS (reactive oxygen species) which are known to cause the damage of cells, in particularly sperm cells, which might result in low sperm count and also interfere with the ability to fertilise the eggs. These antioxidants with synthetic and natural chemicals, having certain minerals and vitamins helps reduce the damage to the cells caused by the ROS.

The review was focused on about 34 trials that involving 2,876 partners who were undergoing some assisted reproductive techniques (sperm injections and in vitro fertilisation). Most men in these trials had a low sperm mobility and low sperm counts. Thus, trials explored on the use of various different kinds of antioxidants including magnesium, zinc, L- carnitine and vitamin E.

Compared to the controls, the couple was likely to have live birth or pregnancy if the man has antioxidant supplements. Other trials tested on the antioxidants effects on the amount and sperm mobility showed that the positive effects, mostly.

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