Mother’s Milk Decreases the Number of Death in Babies!

mother and baby

Breastfeeding in the period of first six months could prevent death in babies which is caused by lack of eating. Doctors say that lack of eating is seen in 25% of babies and death is seen in 15% babies who are younger than 5 and mother’s milk could decrease the number of the deaths which are caused by these reasons.

They say that mother’s milk is perfect for babies because it is helpful to prevent sickness and it is economic. It is always hygienic and clean and it is easy to digest. Mother’s milk strengthens immune system and improves the development of muscle and bone.

‘Mother’s milk which is excreted right after birth is helpful to prevent infection and makes the babies more stronger’ say the doctors. They also add on that Mother’s milk is miraculous food which is enough for the first six months in itself and it provides a normal development for the babies who are born in time.

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