Morning Walks – The Simplest Way to Stay Healthy and Rejuvenated

Before I begin, a simple question for self-assessment – How many of you wake up early in the morning on a daily basis? I’m not asking about how many of you wake up early to walk. If the answer to the question was no for a few, try assessing what makes you stay in bed for long. Is it your work? In most cases, it has to be (the uneven work hours make one lose sleep).

In today’s mechanical world, which unfortunately now is also being deprived of proper oxygen, one has to pass hectic work schedules in order to survive. But, what good would be such a survival if it is not healthy? One very simple way to stay healthy and rejuvenated is a good stroll in the park early in the mornings.

Morning Walks: Ambulation or morning walks as they are commonly known is now a well known and practised phenomenon across the world. The answer to the question “Why morning walks?” is a pretty simple one known by most of us.

  • Early in the morning, the air is fresh, rid of any kind of smoke or dust, thus a good reason to get plenty of oxygen.
  • Along with oxygen, there is also the morning sun that nourishes the body with Vitamin D.
  • Apart from the two important ingredients for our living (air and light), morning walks help one to stay rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

The Benefits: Let us start by trying to reason with the rejuvenated part. Why would walking in the morning keep one rejuvenated for the remaining 18-20 hours in the day?

The answer to this lies in the above mentioned points itself. Let us see.

  • Fresh oxygen inhaled in the morning improves blood circulation in the body and allows the blood to reach even the deepest corners of our body thus, providing oxygen to them. Enough oxygen to the limbs and joints ensure that there is no stiffness nor soreness thus keeping one active automatically.
  • Coming to the morning light – do you know that the sun is a natural provider of Vitamin D? (most of us are aware of this). Vitamin D is essential for bone health thus allowing a person to increase the life of bones preventing any degeneration issues. Another reason to cherish.
  • Imagine waking up (may be late or early in the morning) and just going through the motions like making breakfast, getting dressed and going to the office. Nothing adventurous, I suppose. Throw a bit of strolling into the mix and see the difference. The freshness you acquire in the mornings stays with you all day as everything that one needs is a good start to the day.
  • Freshness prevents stress thus, preventing frustration followed by anger and tension at work. Why not walk at the start of the day than carry these potent busters into the day? A good enough reason to walk.
  • Also, the dinner you have had the previous night is digested well with a walk in the morning. A natural antacid for gastric issues.
  • Many diabetics have also reported that they have observed a decline in their blood sugar.
  • At the end of the day, you get a sound sleep (which most of us are not guaranteed).

Not A Fad: Most people very easily suggest morning walks to the rest (it’s a different issue if they themselves walk or not). So this suggestion could sound clichéd. But, clichéd and monotonous ideas work (especially when it comes to dealing with health).

Don’t believe me! Walk for a week and see the difference in your spirits for yourself.

Keeping in mind the levels of pollution and the carbon foot print we are leaving behind, it is only the mornings that are spared of these issues. So, walk morning – rest will take care of itself, especially rejuvenation.

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