Can Antioxidants Treat Male Subfertility?

Researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand have found that in take of antioxidants by partners of men suffering from subfertility can help in giving birth to babies.

Though the condition of infertility affects one in 20 men, the research result is significant because the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants is very less by the Americans.

How Antioxidants Can Treat Male Subfertility?
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are highly reactive chemical substances which are produced as part of some of the vital functions in the body. Their presence more than certain levels is harmful as it can lead to cell damage.

The sperms cells are not immune from the attack of these substances. Natural and synthetic vitamins and minerals present in the antioxidants can protect the body by reducing the damage caused by the ROS.

The present study was carried out on 2,876 couples involving men with low sperm count. Anti-oxidants in the form of zinc, vitamins, magnesium and L-carnitine were taken by the participants. The study revealed more pregnancies and live births in the cases of couples taken antioxidants in comparison to couples without any treatment.

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