Beauty Sleep Works!


A research study carried out by scientists from Sweden has proven that beauty sleep actually works.

Scientists who work for Karolinska Institute in Stockholm think that there haven’t been enough research studies on beauty sleep in the past even though it is a very well known term. They then decided to study this topic. The research shows that the people who have good sleep are more attractive then the ones who don’t.

Scientists took the pictures of the volunteers who participated in the research after they slept for 8 hours. They then took pictures of another group of volunteers who stayed awake for 31 hours. By observing both sets of pictures, the scientists could clearly make out the difference.

The team asked observers to analyze the pictures of the people who had a proper sleep and who didn’t have a good sleep. They kept all the volunteers who had the same facial expression without makeup in the same distance from the camera and checked their photos. And then, they realized that the people who did not have proper sleep looked less healthy and attractive.

The findings of the study were published in British Medical Journal.

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