Antioxidants Might Trigger Female Fertility Problems

A research conducted by Prof. Nava Dekel, from the Biological Regulation Department, and her team reveals that antioxidants might lead to the fertility problems in women. Antioxidants can eliminate the molecules which might damage the cells. Thus, antioxidants are said to make us healthy and procrastinate the aging process. Dr. Dekel and her team experimented on female mice to show one of the serious side effects of antioxidants- female infertility.

Antioxidants were applied to ovaries of the female mice. Researchers observed that there was a drop in the ovulation levels. Ovarian follicles released very few eggs to reach the fertilization site in the treated mice. Upon further study, the researchers found the reason behind this decline. The harmful substance which is destroyed by the antioxidants help in the the ovulation process. Therefore, antioxidants should be administered with caution.

Dr. Dekel feels that this study can help the women who have difficulty in getting pregnant. On the other hand, some antioxidants can prove to be effective means of birth control. Further studies on this issue are in the pipeline. The research is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

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