Surfing: Stress Buster and Full-body Workout

Surfing may be considered to be a clichAi??d pastime in southern California. But don’t be simply disillusioned! Surfing is mentally as well as physically challenging. The thing is that the pros just make it appear very simple and easy. For most of the novice beginners, catching the wave can be harder than it seems. But the truth is that even the most challenged surfer can easily maneuver on a surf board after a few classes. One of the most important aspects is the will of the learner ai??i?? if they are eager to do it. The best advantages are that surfing not only acts as a stress reliever but also provides you a full-body workout! So, if you are looking for a fantastic and novel workout technique, read on to discover the tidbits about surfing!

Surfing: Stress Buster and Full-body Workout

Surfing For Good Health
Apart from providing you a good and effective cardio workout (try to paddle over the sea waves and see how hard your heart pounds), surfing is a full-body workout. The paddling action mostly works your deltoids (shoulder muscles) and the upper back muscles. After this movement, next comes the push-up: you rise up from a lying position to a squat before finally standing up. This complete movement involves your triceps (muscles on the back of your upper arm) and the pectorals (chest muscles). When you stay upright on the surf board, you mainly challenge your core muscles that stabilize your body as the surf board glides over the seawater.

For the Novice Surfers
If you are a novice, then you can join beginning surfing classes. These classes cover the basics of surfing like how to go from a lying position to a standing position as well as how to paddle on your surf board. Apart from these basic techniques, you can even learn about surfing etiquette and safety measures. Many surfers believe that surfing is a good adjunct for other sports like skateboarding, basketball, baseball and martial arts. It even improves one’s balance as it forces you to work effectively on balance.
Surfing: Stress Buster and Full-body Workout 2Stimulate Your Brain
Apart from the full-body workout, surfing is also a great mental challenge as the surfer has to think about timing and how to utilize the good waves. But, one of the biggest reward many surfers feel is when the sun sets ai??i?? One feels mellow yet euphoric by the end of the day! So, harness the power of the waves and learn something completely different this new year!
Surfing: Stress Buster and Full-body Workout3

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