Big Breakfast Does Not Necessarily Lead to Weight Loss

A new research, which is published in the journal Nutrition Journal, contradicts the view that having heavy breakfast might lead to weight loss. Dr. Volker Schusdziarra, of Else-KrAi??ner-Fresenius Center of Nutritional Medicine, observed about 300 people who kept a journal of what they ate for breakfast. Sometimes people would eat a big breakfast, a few times small and on some occasions skipped the breakfast.

According to Dr. Schusdziarra, people had the same of lunch as well as dinner, irrespective of what they ate for the breakfast. Therefore, a big breakfast, which consists of approximately 400kcal, does not gaurantee less calorie intake throughout the day. Infact, it only adds 400kcal extra calories to the count. The only positive thing which was observed was that people did not have their mid-morning snack.

One point which Schusdziarra’s study prove is that weight loss is possible only if you have big breafast and cut down the calorie intake in the rest of the meals. As per the guidelines of the NHS (UK), the way to weight loss is limiting calorie intake, reducing the amount of sugar and saturated fats and having 5 meals a day, comprising of vegetables and fruits.

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