The WHY and HOW Behind the Yin – Yang Concept

According to the Taoist philosophy, the concept of yin and yang originate from emptiness. Its symbol is one of the oldest representations of life known to the world. Its actual meaning and significance are less understood or appreciated in recent times. How relevant is the philosophy today?

The essence of its teaching lies in striking a balance between the various contrasting forces of life and attain a state of composure amidst the worldly madness.

The Meaning of Yin ai??i?? Yang Concept:
Its symbol consists of two half circles which apparently seem to be in opposite directions contradicting each other. But, in reality they represent complementary and independent forces seeking mutual harmony and balance.

The black dot in the white circle and the white dot in the black circle represent the belief that the birth and growth of one aspect is embedded within the other.

Apart from teaching us on the significance of time-ordained happenings of events and the role of balance in the ways of nature, the concept compels its non-believers to practice flexibility of mind and intellectual tolerance too.

The aspect hard to understand about yin and yang is how two seemingly opposing forces can be parts of a single entity, and most importantly, exist on the basis of mutual identity.

How to Appreciate the Yin ai??i?? Yang Concept?
More than pondering on the WHY behind the concept, one can control the relentless urge of the mind and train it to accept this dichotomy, to follow it in every sphere of life. One needs to appreciate the wide range of applicability of the essence behind this concept by knowing the HOW.

The Tussle Between HOW and WHY in Yin- Yang Concept:
The Western minds can experience a welcome relief from their usual and rigid approach of applying logic and reasoning in assimilation of concepts when they try to grasp the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Here, the faith rules over reasoning. Only HOW matters more than WHY, at least in the initial stages of the learning.

This philosophy demands a certain amount of mental discipline from its learners in the initial stages to accept what is been presented without questioning. This might appear tough and offending in a sense to the westerners who are quite used to asking why.

If this initial barrier of accepting the HOW unquestionably is crossed, the training starts showing its true color as the awareness of WHY slowly starts downing in the minds of the practitioners. They slowly realize that the initial rigidness shown by their masters in not answering the WHY was only to make their disciples better appreciate the essence behind the concept later, but at the RIGHT time.

Conclusion: One can go on expressing several facets of this concept for others endlessly. But, the trick lies in understanding, learning to appreciate and in applying what is learnt about these facets bit by bit continuously in life.

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