Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth pain relief

Tooth pain can cause irritation and suffering. Treating tooth pain can also turn out to be expensive. To avoid these problems, read this article to learn about effective tooth pain relief.

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain
Read on to learn about a few effective home remedies for tooth pain relief, which can save you dentist’s expenses.

Garlic for Tooth Pain Relief
Place some rock salt and a garlic clove on the painful tooth. This can relieve pain. Chew a clove daily. This can make your teeth healthy and strong. Garlic is recommended because it is easily accessible, inexpensive and effective against tooth pain. Garlic can also be used together with clove oil or cloves. The reason why garlic is effective in relieving tooth pain is that it contains a compound named allicin, which has a pronounced antibiotic effect.

Onion for Tooth Pain Relief
Onion has bactericidal properties. Tooth disorders can be prevented by masticating a raw onion daily. Chew raw onion for a few minutes to kill the germs inside the mouth. Onions are rich in sodium, and vitamins E and B12. Therefore, eat onions daily to prevent tooth pain.

Lime for Tooth Pain Relief
Lime is rich in vitamin C which can give healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin C prevents gum bleeding, tooth pain, dental caries and tooth decay.

Wheat Grass for Tooth Pain
Wheat grass juice is a great mouthwash to cure tooth decay and pain. Chew wheat grass to derive benefits as it removes toxins and controls bacterial growth. Wheat grass is a natural antibiotic which can protect against bacteria in the teeth and gums.

Asafoetida for Tooth Pain
Make a paste of asafoetida, mix in lime juice and heat the mixture. Soak a cotton ball in this lotion and place it on the painful tooth cavity. This treatment can quickly relieve pain.

Bay Berry for Tooth Pain
Make a paste of bay berry bark with vinegar. Apply this paste gently on the painful tooth to relieve pain. This paste can also strengthen the gums.

Pepper for Tooth Pain
Mix some pepper powder with common salt. This remedy is effective against toothache, painful and bleeding gums, bad breath and dental cavities. It can also cure sensitive teeth. Mix some pepper powder with clove oil and apply on the affected cavities to relieve tooth pain.

Diet for Tooth Pain Relief
Proper diet can prevent dental decay and gum infection. A proper diet can also give you strong jaw bones and teeth. Restrict sugar intake and include wholewheat bread, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products and fish in your diet.

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