Tips for Anger Management

Getting angry sometimes is a natural emotion. Its a natural way to say that something is not well in your life. Anger occurs as a defensive response to threat of well being. Anger is accompanied by various physiological changes like any other emotion.

However, when this feeling is unchecked or unresolved, it can cause very hazardous consequences for a person who holds the anger in him or her. Most people understand the logic behind anger, but when it gets over to them, rationalities and logic are among the first casualties. So how should a person combat anger and are there any surefire methods to takeover anger? Read this article to get informations for such questions.

Tips for Anger Management

Side Effects of Anger
The biggest drawback for a person when he/she fails to control anger is the obstacle in career and personal life. Others may include the following:

  • As anger and happiness are incompatible, anger impedes our happiness.
  • Anger off-courses our relationships.
  • It also forces us to make compromises in relationships, married life and reduces social skills.
  • It makes people lose business and destroys relationship with customers.
  • Anger can lead to stress and a person may also lose health.
  • We are prone to commit mistakes when we are angry.

Tips for Anger management

How to Keep Check on Anger
The following are a few ways to check anger and combat it:

  • Deep breathing ai??i?? Consistent, deep breath from diaphragm not from the chest will help a person to relax in such conditions.
  • Detraction from situation ai??i?? If possible detract yourself from the situation which is causing anger. Even if it is for a few minutes, but you should move yourself from this situation as a quick mental break can de-pressurize things and avoid the volcano from erupting.
  • ai???Relaxai??? – Thoughtfully remind yourself of a calming command – ai???Relax ai??i?? everything is going to be betterai???. The mind and body will eventually respond to such declarations.
  • Imagine a soothing, pleasant or event.
  • “Mr. Spock” ai??i?? A person suffering from anger should adopt the thinking of Mr. Spock. He is a character from the classic Star Trek series, who suppresses his half human side to the Vulcan way of detached emotion, rational thought and logic.
  • tips for anger management

  • Do not assume the worst ai??i?? When anger builds up in a person, sometimes as a result of one’s imagination which conjures up the outcome of a worst situation. One important way to control anger is to control the mind. A person should make his/her imagination work for him/her but not the other way.
  • Act of kindness ai??i?? A person suffering from anger which makes him/her to strike out or hurt something or someone. To fight with this feeling or impulse, a person should perform opposite to this. For example- an angry husband during an argument rather than hurting his wife, should reach out kindly with his hand and say ai???I love youai???. Kindness is one thing which abridges hostility.
  • Speak softly ai??i?? There is one saying which says “A soft answer turns away wrath.” so, the best way a person can reduce his/her tension or anger by lowering voice.
  • Look for humor – A proverb which says ai???Laughter is the best medicineai??? holds truth in this situation. Laughing is a tool to fight anything in this world and to come out from any situation. So, use it to combat depression and anger. But, make sure don’t laugh at a person during an argument, which will have an adverse effect over the situation.
  • Stretch ai??i?? An angry person should stretch when a person feels that his anger is reaching critical mass. Roll out the shoulder and neck, reach out for the ceiling. This will help ease tension and relax the body.

Though, the above ways may not be feasible in every situation and they all won’t work to implement at the same time. But, the above ways will balance and take over control of one’s anger and combat it. For people who face a tough time in controlling their anger, anger management plan would be helpful to them.

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