All About Fever in Children


We all have experienced fever at some point or the other. Fever arouses many emotions. Doctors opine that fever indicates that one’s immune system is functioning well. But, this is little comfort for parents, when they see their child down with high fever.

Fever Medications for Children
A recent study surveyed over-the-counter fever and pain medicines for children. It looked at their labeling and recommended dosage, and whether the spoons, cups and droppers inside these medicines adhere to the recommended doses. The research revealed that many of these medications do not have clear labels, some had no instrument to administer doses, and in others, the instruments lacked proper markings.

Dosage for Fever in Children

Fever medicines need to administered correctly. Too little a dose would be ineffective. And, too much could turn out to be toxic. The proper dosage depends on the weight of the child and the medicine’s concentration.

Parents’ Concerns

Many parents call doctors in the middle of the night because of their worries about their child’s fever. Many of these calls are about the right dosage of medicine which is not surprising, given the lack of clarity on the medicine labels. Sometimes, parents may go overboard in their concern about fever. If the thermometer shows a high number, they become so worried that they focus more on bringing the fever down and ignore the doctor’s instructions. Pediatricians say in cases of high fever, parents should ensure the child drinks enough water to remain hydrated.

High Fever in Children

Fever in babies less than 3 months old is a reason for concern, because there is a serious risk of bacterial infections. But, in older children, fever signals that their immune system is actively working against infections. But, many parents fear that high fever can result in neurological complications which may affect their children’s brains. The true medical fact is that fever does not affect the body or brain. It only increases the necessity for fluids.

Fever and Seizures
In about five percent of children, fever may cause seizures. But, these seizures do not lead to epilepsy, and are generally harmless. Still, if your child suffers from a seizure, you should consult a doctor, as there is a high chance of recurrence.

Educating Doctors and Parents

Many health experts opine that medical personnel and parents need to be educated about fever. They should be reassured that fever is not a cause for concern, as it only a healthy response to infections. So, next time your child has fever, do not worry unnecessarily, and do as the doctor bids.

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