Friends, Life and Success

Were you ever told by your parents or teachers to stay away from a particular person’s company or to get involved with someone in order to succeed in life? Most of us would have to answer yes to this question. So, how many of you reckon that a company of friends really decides the outcome of our future? Or, to what extent do friends become our success factor?

Answering the above questions is both simple and easy during childhood. But, what happens once we grow into adults? Do we really have the time to make time for our old friends? Or, do we become so successful that we do not want to get involved with a not so worthy company?

Steps to Success and Isolation: There comes a certain point of time in everyone of our lives where we need to isolate ourselves not just from our friends but also from our family to achieve our ambitions. A true friend would really value this isolation of yours and respect your viewpoint. It is in such company that success becomes easy.

Thinking of it the other way, your friend invites you to party the week you are supposed to meet your assignment deadline, would you go or would you not? Now, this decision is entirely yours and it is our motives that need to be questioned at the end of the day and not our friend’s.

Our success lies in our own hands and there is no one who can achieve that for us. Sure, we would have friends all the way along who act as catalysts.

Post Success: The other day I spoke to one of my friends who had something to say about a mutual friend of ours. That third guy is a wealthy businessman now and my friend is still trying to learn the nuances of the industry. So, the still amateur one sought a few tips from my experienced friend which unfortunately were not leant.

So, my friend had to say that success got to the other one and he can’t even find time to call us today. Later, I myselves pondered over a statement of his which was – “With wealth we let go our old friends and make new ones”.

This can be true, but only in a few instances. We certainly cannot have the same friends all our life and we ought to develop new acquaintances to succeed in life. But, this certainly does not have to imply that our successful and wealthy friends don’t need us anymore. This is only a pre-conceived notion which most of us have to get rid off.

Success in life is as important as our friends. But, there would come a time where the former would supersede the latter. We definitely have to stick to our decisions about intermingling our friends and success. After all, friends are there to solve our problems, but not all of them.

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