Eye pain and Eye Strain


Eye strain and eye pain can be caused by fatigue, illness or trauma. This article looks at a few causes and treatments for eye pain and eye strain.

Eye Strain

Prolonged eye strain can lead to eye pain. Eye strain could lead to stabbing, aching or burning sensations in the eyes. Some people suffer from dry eyes, which indicates that there is lack of lubrication in the eyes.

Causes of Eye Strain

There are many common causes of eye strain such as reading in poor light, working on computers for long hours, or reading books for a continuously long time.

Medical Treatment for Eye Strain

Aids to correct vision can ease eye strain. For some patients, an ophthalmologist may recommend eye exercises to strengthen weak eye muscles.

Immediate relief

To get relief from staring too long at a computer screen, you can look at a distant object now and then. Some people get relief by applying a cold compress gently on the eyes to ease eye strain.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be treated by over-the-counter medicines that help lubricate the eyes. These are not expensive. But, prior permission should be obtained from a licensed health care professional.

Eye Pain

Eye pain can be caused by sinus infections, problems with contact lenses or glasses, migraine headaches and eye irritation. Certain infections and diseases can also cause eye pain. Sometimes, along with eye pain there may be sensitivity to light, itching and affected vision.


Glaucoma occurs if there is too much pressure in the eyes. Such high pressure can cause eye pain. Glaucoma is a serious disorder, as it can lead to blindness if left untreated.


In some patients, eye pain is worsened when they are exposed to light. This is known as photophobia. Viral infections like influenza normally cause this affliction. But, it is a temporary condition, which diminishes after the patient recovers from the ailment. If the patient’s condition does not improve, they should consult a doctor.

Medical Treatment for Eye Pain

To cure eye pain, consult a doctor, who will conduct tests to diagnose the cause. An ophthalmologist can check for glaucoma. He/she can also test your vision, and eye muscle movement and responsiveness.


Most individuals experience eye pain and eye strain at some point. They should immediately seek professional help to minimize complications.

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