Guess, What Men Prefer- Career or Romance?

Well, your guess is as good as ours. We too thought that men would choose success over romance. But that is not the case in the present-day scenario. According to the study conducted by Sharon Danoff-Burg of the University of Albany and Catherine Mosher from the Duke Medical Center, men might be more willing to sacrifice their goals than their female counterparts for their romantic relationship. This study surely breaks some preconceived notions about gender differences.

The Study
237 undergraduates participated in this study. There were 157 female students and 80 male students between the age group of 16 and 25 were observed. These students were from the department of Psychology from an American university in northeastern region. The participants were asked to complete questionnaires related to personality traits and the goals in life. The researchers wanted to observe whether the personality characteristics influence oneai??i??s lifeai??i??s goals. They also wanted to find out the importance of romantic relationship vis-Ai??-vis goals.
The Findings
The goals of life included health, financial success, travel, ownership of home, career, contribution to the society and education. The five types of relationships were marriage, romance, children, friends and family. Mosher and Burg made the following observations:

  • Both men and women had strong desires towards individual achievements as well as relational intimacy.
  • Focus was more on achieving things like a successful career.
  • When asked to choose between career, traveling, education and romance, astonishingly, more men chose romantic relationship over the other options than women.

The Conclusion
According to both the researchers, the women from the college who participated in the study might be strongly committed to their pursuit of education. They might be more concerned about building their careers and were apprehensive about abandoning their goals for a romantic pursuit. Whereas men tend to derive a lot of emotional support from their relationships with the members of the opposite sex and not with the same-sex friends. This might be the reason for the difference of preference between men and women.

Whatever be the reason one thing is clear that this study surely breaks some age-old misconceptions about men. They are capable of some really romantic gestures. After all some of the most beautiful love poems were written by men, werenai??i??t they?

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