Benefits of Cow’s Milk

The basis of all types of dairy products is cow’s milk. Its history dates back to 6000 to 8000 BC. In older times, cow’s milk was only consumed by people who lived lavishly. However, with changing times, milk came in reach of poor people also. During the beginning of 5th century, cow and sheep milk came to be prized. Cow’s milk became more popular than sheep in the 14th century and in the beginning of 17th century, dairy cows were brought from Europe to the US. Milk is considered to be a highly beneficial food as it is rich in numerous nutrients. This article discusses about various benefits of cow’s milk, so read this article to get more information.

Benefits of Cow's Milk

Important Health Benefits of Cow’s Milk
The following are a few vital health benefits of cow’s milk:

Calcium ai??i??

  • One of the most important mineral present in cow’s milk is calcium. This mineral is vital for bones growth and development. Calcium gets joined to phosphorus and forms calcium phosphate, which is a important element of hydroxyapatite. This helps give strength to the bones and their proper structure.
  • Cancer – Calcium found in cow’s milk also has several other benefits such as it protects the colon cells from the chemicals which lead to cancer.
  • Migraine and PMS – Cow’s milk calcium helps in reduction against PMS symptoms in the menstruation cycle and also prevents migraine headache.
  • Obesity – Calcium in cow’s milk prevents obesity in kids and also aid adult people to lose weight, especially around midsection.
  • Parathyroid hormone – Calcium in cow’s milk help in body fat oxidation and also decreases secretion of parathyroid hormone. Thus, the level of parathyroid hormone is maintained at reduced rates.
  • Breast cancer ai??i?? Calcium effectively fights against breast cancer. Calcium also plays an integral role in muscle contraction, blood clotting, regulation of blood pressure and function of cell membrane.

Benefits of cow's milk

Protein –

  • High quality protein is present in cow’s milk, which has ultimate benefits to the body.
  • Gout ai??i?? Cows milk is effective against gout, a type of arthritis.

Vitamins ai??i??

  • Cow’s milk is rich in vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12, both of which help produce energy for the body.
  • These vitamins also help protect heart.
  • Vitamin B12 also helps produce red blood cells (RBC’s). It helps prevent anemia and produces nerve cells. Vitamin B12 also aid the cells to use protein, carbohydrates and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin A present in cow’s milk is needed for development and growth of mucosal and epithelial tissues, which helps protect against microorganisms invasion and their toxic effects. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to frequent cold, rheumatoid arthritis, infection in ear and various other diseases.

Iodine –
Cow’s milk is abundant in iodine, which is an incorporated component of thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

Potassium –

  • A cup of cow’s milk is enough for the body’s daily requirement of potassium. Potassium is needed for proper heart functioning, nerve transmissions and muscles contraction.
  • Because milk is rich in potassium and calcium, they prevent kidney stone formation in the body.

Some Side Effects of Cow’s Milk

  • Allergy ai??i?? Some people are allergic to cow’s milk as it can cause some adverse reactions in some people. It can be due to impure or unisolated consumption of milk. Common symptoms of milk allergy are swelling of lips, tongue or throat, itching, dizziness, skin rashes and nasal congestion.
  • Cow’s milk is rich in 4.7% lactose, which can’t be digested by some people because they lack lactase enzyme to digest it.
  • In some places, cows are treated with rBGh (recombinant bovine growth hormone), which can lead to some health conditions like infertility, lameness and mastitis.

Exposure to Cow’s milk in early stages has benefits:

  • Some reports suggest that when a child is given cow’s milk for first two weeks of life, it can help protect a kid from later development of milk allergy.
  • A study conducted by Dr. Yitzhak Katz in Tel Aviv University, Israel found that cow’s milk in very early life stages can help boost tolerance.

The above are a few health benefits of cow’s milk. Cow’s milk should be boiled and to make it stay fresh for longer period, keep in the refrigerator.

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  6. I am not sure about some of this information. The growth hormones that we find in conventional milk feeds hormone-dependent cancers such as breast and prostate cancers. In addition, giving a two-week old baby cow’s milk is not recommended because a baby’s system cannot handle the composition of cow’s milk.

  7. Everybody should take a glass of milk in every day of his life.

  8. This is the most bogus post I’ve ever read. Who is James? Does he have ties to the dairy industry, or is he just ignorant? Before you start guzzling cow’s milk or giving it to your kids, please read http://www.nealhendrickson.com/mcdougall/030500pudairyanddisease.htm

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