Popcorn’s Dark Secret

We all like to gorge on popcorn while sitting comfortably in a movie theater. But, is movie-theater popcorn healthy for you? A recent study has revealed alarming facts about the content of calories, salt and fat even in the smallest popcorn sizes. The study was conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and looked at popcorn sold at three theater chains.

Popcorn at Regal Cinemas
At Regal Cinemas, a large popcorn tub has 60 gm saturated fat, 980 mg sodium and 1,200 calories. Moreover, you get free refills too. If you do not feel too hungry you can opt for the medium or small tubs. But, even the small popcorn tub has 24 gm saturated fat, 550 mg sodium and 670 calories.

Popcorn is Fatty and Salty

Popcorn sold at concession stands is relatively healthier as it does not contain saturated fat and is lower in calories. But, movie theater popcorn is soaked often in coconut oil, which contains saturated fat up to 90%. Besides, there is also a lot of salt added, turning the popcorn into a health hazard. The sheer quantity is also mind-boggling as one large tub makes up 75% of a single day’s calories.

AMC Popcorn is Healthiest

AMC’s small size popcorn was the healthiest as it had only 370 calories. So, eating a cup or two of this popcorn tub wouldn’t matter that much.

Cinemark Popcorn

Cinemark’s popcorn too is relatively healthier as they use non-hydrogenated canola oil and not coconut oil. At Cinemark, a large popcorn tub had 4 gm saturated fat, 910 calories and a whopping 1,500 mg of sodium – which is almost one day’s entire quota.

Omit Popcorn to Stay Healthy

To eat healthier popcorn, you should ask the vendor not to include salt. Two movie theater chains answered they would respond positively to this request. However, the healthiest method would be to skip both movie theater and concession stand popcorn altogether. It would be odd to fast while watching a movie, but in the long run it is better than gorging on salty and fatty popcorn.

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