What to Look Forward to in 2011?

Now that we are into the new year, it is time to stop ruing about the past and look forward to the next 12 months. So, what’s so exciting about the next 12 months? Well, this year holds a lot for everyone. Sports, games, music, films; everything is going to be exciting and fans have a lot to ponder about.

Let us look at a few things that are going to be unique this year.


As far as games are concerned, all you avid gamers out there be prepared for an action packed year.

Killzone 3. February 22, 2011 will see the release of the 4th instalment of Killzone. PS3 users can get ready with their new motion controls to enjoy this game in 3D. Killzone 3 is expected to go low on the foul language content and the dialogue this time is going to be more in relation with the story.

Dead Space 2. This is out on 25th January, 2011. While the PS3 users are going to get a limited release of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 discs. A sequel to Dead Space, this version will also take place on the space station Sprawl.

Resistance 3. The fourth in the Resistance series and the sequel to PS3’s best seller Fall of Man, this game is out on the 6th of September, 2011. This instalment will not feature Nathan Hale anymore, but will have the character Joseph Capelli playing the lead.

Brink. Set in the Utopian city Ark, Brink is a civil war on futuristic earth for the resources available. This would be Splash Damage’s first individual release and would be available from the 12th of April, 2011.

Unchartered 3. Nathan Drake is back again on 1st November 2011. After the stupendous success of the previous two instalments, Naughty Dog is all set to unleash the fortune hunter’s 3rd outing. The plot would be featured around Colonel T.E.Lawrence’s archaeological days.

The icing on top of the cake, if by any chance, would be the launch of Sony’s PS4. Fingers crossed about this one anyway!


All the techies and geeks have one interesting year ahead of them.

Chrome OS Netbooks. Google has launched its web browser Chrome. But now, they are all set to launch their netbooks with the operating system Chrome. This operating system which would be stand alone is going to be an instant-on one and something worth waiting for.

PSP Phone. The Zeus Z1 would be Sony’s answer to Apple’s iPhone. This portable version of the playstation would possess track pads and bid adieu to the analogue sticks. Well, Apple’s got to act now.

iPhone 5. The iPhone’s from Apple have revolutionised the concept of 3G. Right from the second generation phones to the now iPhone 4, Apple’s been a hit with everyone on the conversational as well as browsing front. Probably, this year will see the launch of iPhone 5. We will have to wait and see about what is going to be revamped.

iPad 2. Well, nothing official from Apple’s side except rumours. But, rumours do lead somewhere and everyone is hoping this to be true with the 2nd generation. If iPad was a hit, imagine what 2 can do?

Nintendo 3DS. With the humongous success of Avatar, 3D has been the mantra for everyone and Nintendo has realised the need for this. The Virtual Boy is going to be glasses free and Nintendo is making sure not to repeat the same mistakes that it made with the 3D Wii titles.


Avid movie buffs have a lot to look forward to.

The Stranger Tides. Captain Jack Sparrow is back this summer after a 4 year hiatus with the 4th instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Penelope Cruz is going to star opposite Johnny Depp and the initial teaser has evoked some response already.

Deathly Hallows Part II. The end of the decade long Harry Potter saga. Four years back, J.K Rowling’s last installment of the boy wizard met with stupendous success and kids and fans all across the world were disappointed that Harry’s outing was done. All the movie fans are out to experience the same next July.

Dark of the Moon. The third instalment of Michael Bay’s Transformers. Beware though, there is no Megan Fox this time in the movie. How many of you are really interested still?

The Hangover 2. Well, if you thought if you had a hangover from the New year eve’s party, hang on. Come summer, the fun begins again as team of Hangover is back with the sequel in May.

Breaking Dawn. Here comes the finale of the twilight saga in November. Will have to wait and see if Breaking Dawn would want to go the Deathly Hallows way and break down the final series into two?

Apart from these, there is the ICC World Cup starting in February in India, the tennis Grandslams, Prince Harry’s wedding to Kate Middleton on April 29, the world population would supposedly touch 7 billion, the US troops would be leaving Iraq and the final mission of NASA’s Discovery.

Plenty more reasons to look forward to 2011.

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