A Healthy Sign of Heart ai??i?? Facial Moles

Facial moles can enhance the beauty factor of an individual. When you think of Cindy Crawford, Enrique Iglesias and Madonna then everyone would like to don a mole on face. According to a British research, the mole on a face indicates long life and strength of a person. Hence, moles are not always bad as some people think and they go for their removal with advanced technology.

The research also state that the people who have facial moles are genetically different from other people. It is reported that they get less wrinkles when they get old and also have healthy heart, sharper vision, tauter muscles and stronger bones when compared with other people. These facts are reported by Daily Mail.

Tim Spector, a Professor from King’s College, London who is a genetic expert says, ai???Until recently, everyone had ignored molesai???. It is a fact that most people begin losing moles when they reach at the age of 40, but now we also know people who are above 60 and still look young and baby faced due to their facial moles.

Facial Moles

Genetic Basis of Moles
The genetic basis of moles lie in the following points:

  • Moles or melanocytic nevus are formed as a result of fastly dividing cells in childhood, which causes dark color of skin cells.
  • In most of the cases, moles disappear with age, but in some people, they continue to spread. This results in wrinkle free smooth skin, which makes a woman appear much youthful than her exact age.
  • Experts opine that people with lots of mole produce white blood cells with uncommonly seen long telomeres (Telomere is a part of DNA, which is responsible for cell replication).
  • When the end of telomere is long, then there are several chances of cell replication before it dies.

Study Details and Searches

  • The above findings of health benefits of moles are based on studies conducted over 1200 identical twins who were aged between 18 to 79 years.
  • According to the study, those individuals having 100 moles over their bodies possess stronger bones and they also have 50% less risk of osteoporosis.
  • Earlier studies revealed a contrasting fact that people having 100 moles on their bodies have greater risk of skin cancer or melanoma.
  • The researchers believe that these findings will help in contributing them in developing a new skin cream, which can stop wrinkles formation in old age.

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  1. Thank you for this informatire on moles. Moreover, their seems to be a pretty accurate and common trait in my family. Everyone that is a descendant of my great- grandmother has at least one to three moles underneath their right eye.

    We are not sure what to make of this. My aunt claims that my great-grandmother’s father was an Indian. His wife died so I am not sure about her lineage.

    My grandmother died last year. She had the several of these moles. She was also treated for skin cancer.

    A friend has advised me to have a skin checkup since he too discovered that he had to be treated for skin cancer. Is this something that everyone should do?


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