Online Dating for the Disabled

Sherry Nevius is single and 52 years old. While looking for a date she wants him to be funny, intelligent, sincere and caring. Besides, he should also be disabled. Ms. Nevius is wheelchair-bound as she was born with cerebral palsy. She is mobile and independent, but wants a male partner to accompany her.

Dating Handicaps

Ms. Nevius has had dates with many able-bodied men. But, they were not willing to commit to the relationship seriously. Ms. Nevius opines they might have felt uncomfortable about how to treat her. Ms. Nevius lives in a small town in Illinois and finds it hard to find a man with similar interests. Her disability is a big handicap in finding suitable dates. So, Ms. Nevius took recourse to the Internet.

Dating Websites for the Affected

There are many web sites that cater to singles with disability or health issues. A few are Dating 4 Disabled, for those with disabilities such as multiple sclerosis and paralysis, NoLongerLonely, which caters to people with mental illnesses, and POZ Personals, which is for HIV-positive adults. These are generally small sites, which are mostly free to use. They cover costs by posting ads.

Website for HIV-Positive People

Michael Maurer, a New York University professor, is gay and HIV-positive. He finds POZ Personals to be a welcoming site, where he can find others with similar interests. Maurer is from Pennsylvania and thought New York would be an easier place to find dates. But, he was mistaken. His HIV-positive status gave him anxiety. Online, he can reveal his illness with comfort and try to form relationships as everyone on the site is also affected.

Honesty is Possible Online

Prescription4Love is dedicated to people with physical disabilities and sexually transmitted diseases. Web sites like these offer users the privacy and space to discuss awkward issues like their illness or disability with others in the same boat. Users chat freely about their pain, mobility and travel issues, and sexual orientation. They can be honest about what they want in their date. Many Dating 4 Disabled users specify the disabilities they can be comfortable with in a long-term relationship.

Like everybody else, disabled persons also have personal choices when it comes to their partners. For instance, a mobile person may prefer his date also to be mobile too. But, many large-hearted people do not specify any limitations for their dates.

Going back to Ms. Nevius, she does not care if her dream date is blind or paralyzed. But, he should love animals, as Ms. Nevius has a pet dog.

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  1. Sounds pretty good, they deserve a chance to date or have friendships, just like everyone else.

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