Oral Care for Diabetic Patients – Interview with Dental Surgeon Dr. Pavan Kishore

Diabetic patients have compromised immune system. Owing to this reason they are prone to several infections in the body. One of the most neglected aspects of a diabetic patient’s life is his/her oral health. The consequence can be complications like gum infections, recession of gums and gingival enlargement.

In an exclusive interview to ygoy.com, Dental Surgeon and Implantologist Dr. Pavan Kishore Nallapati, B.D.S., emphasized on the significance of oral maintenance and visit to the dentist every six months for both diabetic and non-diabetic patients. The excerpts of the interview are as follows:

Need for Oral Maintenance Practices in Diabetic Patients:

According to Dr. Kishore, the American Heart Association has agreed that the condition Periodontitis is one of the main causes for heart ailments. He explains that the region surrounding the gums is rich in blood vessels which are directly connected to the valves of the heart.

  • Food remains or debris in the gum and its surrounding regions can enter into the valves.
  • The consequence can be either inflammation of valves or obstruction blood flow to the heart, leading to heart ailments.
  • Saliva is an important body fluid and a natural anti-bacterial. Diabetic people are prone to reduced saliva flow in their mouth.
  • This leads to less presence of enzymes and a threat of developing dental carries.

Dr. Pavan Kishore stressed upon the need for brushing the teeth twice. He explained that after dinner, the bacteria present in the mouth releases toxic acids which are detrimental for oral health. Regular brushing at night prevents this undesirable event effectively.

Latest Means Available for Maintaining Oral Health:
Discussing about the latest developments in the devices meant for ensuring oral health, Dr. Kishore illustrated on the functioning of some of these devices. Though are costly, their effectiveness remain unquestionable.

  • Power Brush: The device is battery driven and the results of its usage are several folds more when compared to regular brushes.
  • Water Pick: The tiny device enters into the mouth and releases a jet of water with high pressure. It is handy in washing the inter-dental food remains.
  • Tooth Mousse: It is a dental cream containing the effective component Amorphus Calcium Phosphate (ACP) which prevents dental carries and gum infection effectively.

Basic Oral Care for All:

  • The gums of the teeth should be massaged with finger twice a day. It increases blood circulation and ensures good health of the gums.
  • Mouthwashes containing fluorides can be used by these people which forms a protective layer of calcium flouapatite and prevents tooth decay.
  • Intake of fibrous foods like beans, oats and corn is beneficial for oral health as they naturally clean the teeth.

Dr. Pavan Kishore concludes the meet by explaining that taking chewing gums with Xyolitol reduce the acidic PH value of saliva and can be taken by all after taking food. They have no side effects, are available in different flavors and serve as healthy alternatives to the sugary bubble gums.

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