Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

Well, this might dampen your Christmas spirits a little bit. Apparently, the unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, unreasonable working conditions and stress of delivering gifts to more than 152 million Christians is surely taking a toll on poor Santa Claus. We know that is going too far with our scientific mindset. The researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden tried to question the very existence of Saint Nicholas. The study might make you laugh or make you find out the real significance of Santa Claus.

This is what the researchers had to say

  • The very obvious obesity of the abdominal region and the deep red complexion of the face are the evident indicators that the dear Santa is at a risk of heart attack as well as stroke.
  • Annika Rosengren, a Professor at the University of Gothenburg, feels that he would greatly benefit from the diabetes treatment and also from the treatment for high blood pressure. She believes that cholesterol-lowering drugs will also do him good. The abdominal obesity might lead to dementia.

Too much sugar is bad for even Santa Claus
According to Henrik Aronsson, from the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Santa Claus does not live in North Pole as there is lack of pasture of the reindeer. He claims that Mr. Claus is a resident of Lapland. One can afford to have a healthy food using salmon, reindeer meat and the spring water in that region. However, during Christmas, Santa Claus feasts on rice pudding, candy and high-fat meat cuts. Mette Axelsen, from the Department of Clinical Nutrition, states that people usually gain around half a kilo during Christmas.

152 million home visits- That’s a Huge Number!!!
Assuming that there are 152 Christian children in the world, Santa Claus has to make 900 visits every second. Stefan Lemurell, from the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Maria Sundin, from the Department of Physics, ponder over this amazing feat of Santa. According to them, to cover all the houses he needs to travel at the speed of 90 km per second which is about 265 times the speed of the sound. The acceleration needed for this task is g-force of 14 million times Earth’s gravity. The fighter pilots go unconscious at mere 7g.

Weighty Issues- How Does He Handle?
Professor Stefan Nilsson, from the Department of Zoology, is intrigued by the weight Santa’s reindeer can carry. Hypothetically speaking, if each gift weighs around 1 kilo then the total weight of all the gifts would be around 380,000 tonnes. A reindeer can pull about 200 kg weight. To pull such a huge weight Mr. Claus would require at least 1.9 million reindeer. Also the volume of all the gifts would be 2.5 times the size of Stockholm Globe Arena. Pulling so much of volume and weight will require immense energy. If we do calculate the speed then it would explode both Santa and his reindeer.


Science Vs. Santa
Believing in Saint Nicholas or not is a personal choice. But let us not forget what he stands for. Santa is not just about distributing gifts on his sleigh but also about the true spirit of Christmas which lies in loving, sharing and just being human. The world does need a Santa!!!

Merry Christmas to all our readers!!!

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