Retirement is Really Restful, if Not Healthy!

We all know that words are powerful. Do you think that retirement is the beginning of a downward spiral in emotional, physical and mental health or is it beneficial for you? When the word retirement comes into your mind, it is usually associated with a negative connotation of uselessness. To put it more simply, one thinks it is the end of use, which makes it appear that retirement is the end.Retirement

But contrary to popular belief, retirement is not the final end of your life. It is just a transition into a new found life. In reality, you can expect to spend a minimum one third of your lifetime in this phase. Several surveys reveal that people feel improvement in their health post retirement. A new study seems to prove the point that though it does not alter the risk of manifestation of major chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, it certainly improves depression and fatigue.

The Study
This new study was published in the British Medical Journal, and is one of the longest-running and largest studies observing the behavioral patterns post retirement. The study authors belong to Stockholm University. For 7 consecutive years, nearly 14,000 French men as well as women were observed before retirement. Also, they were under observation for 7 years after retirement.

The Study Findings
The researchers found that physical and mental fatigue improved significantly post retirement in these people. Hence, they suggested that fatigue may be one of the main reasons for early leave from the labor market. Also, it was primarily responsible for decreased productivity in employees. The prevalence of fatigue was observed in those afflicted with a chronic disease, those who retired before the age of 55 and in women workers.

The symptoms associated with depression improved remarkably among people afflicted with a chronic disease. One year before their retirement, 25% of the participants were found to be depressed and 19% had some form of ailment. All the study participants were 64 years old by the time they retired.

The Conclusion
Several other studies indicate that job keeps people healthier. Also, it was found that mental health was better in people who took up a second career after their retirement. There is need for more research to understand the implications how exactly retirement affects people. But, to see the bright side, your retirement is not the end. It is a new transition into a novel beginning. Be cheerful and accept the fact with a positive stride! Just remember one fact – Life is beautiful! Enjoy life to the hilt!

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  1. Once retired, people have so very many more choices of lifestyle. No wonder their stress level (in many cases) goes down. Caution however, it often takes a while before an individual retiree discovers his “true retired self.” Until doing so, he can flounder for a time and even become depressed. Bill

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