Who Does More Work At Home- Wife Or Husband?

When James Brown sang the famous lines, ai???This is a man’s world; But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girlai???, he wasnai??i??t just talking romantically. There is, indeed, a lot of truth in it. A housewife saves her man from a lot of housework. This is what a study conducted by the researchers at the University of Michigan found out.


The Study
The researchers used the data from the study of the housework trends. This was provided by the Panel Study of Income Dynamics conducted at the U-M Institute for Social Research since 1968. The data from the time diaries is considered to be the most accurate to assess the way people spend time. This data was analyzed by the researchers. Along with this, men and women were asked questions regarding the time they spend doing the household chores in a week, on an average. These work included cooking, cleaning the house and the sundry house work. Other works like washing the car, gardening and home repair were excluded from the list of ai???core workai???. The researchers also studied how age, number of kids and marital status influence the amount of time spent doing the housework.

The Findings
The following observations were made by Frank Stafford, ISR Economist and the head of this study:

  • A significant reallocation of the labor occurs in a marriage
  • Men are seen to work more outside the house.
  • Women seem to work more at home.
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  • This is the general pattern with a few exceptions.
  • The situation gets worse for the women once the children come into picture.
  • Married men as well as women tend to do more household chores than their single counterparts.
  • Single women in 20s and 30s did the least household work (around 12 hours a week)
  • Married women in 60s and 70s engaged themselves in the housework the most (around 21 hours a week)
  • Older men tend to do more work at home than the younger men.
  • Married women with three kids or more put in around 28 hours of housework per week.
  • Married men with three kids or more put in around 10 hours of household chores in a week.

The Changing Trends
The study also established a changing trend among the women of the United States of America. There has been a considerable difference in the work done by women and men from 1976 to 2005.
In 1976,

  • Women used to do around 26 hours of household work in a week, on an average
  • Men, on the other hand, used to do around 6 hours of the work at home

In 2005,

  • Women put in around 17 hours of house work in a week
  • Men put in around 13 hours

Look at the bright side, at least men have started working more at home than before. Cheers to that!!!

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