The One and Only Sense

It is a universally known fact that we all possess five senses. Of course, there is a claim about the existence of a sixth sense. But, five senses are the basic ones which most individuals possess. I say, all the five senses boil down down to only one senseFEELING.

Any of the five senses-hear, see, touch, taste and smell that we use lead to an abstract experience called feeling.

The One and Only Sense: The end result of all stimuli is feeling.

Looking is a kind of mentally touching. A simple illustration to this: When you like a person so much, you can’t stop taking your eyes off them. The more you see and watch them, the more you are mentally touching them.

Listening is feeling. The most brilliant example for this is music. Listening to music can bring us calm, peace, spirits and happiness. All these are nothing but feelings.

“I reached out for the hand, but it ended up touching the heart”. A classic illustration to explain why touch is not just physical but also has something to do with the emotional side. Another great example to demonstrate the touch-feel relationship is a shake hand. The firmer the hand shake, the more positive and interest in a person.

“The highway to a man’s heart is his stomach”. Food not only helps in our physical well being but also, very essential for our mental well-being as well. For instance, many people when anxious tend to eat either too little or a lot.

On most occasions, it is the scent of a woman that attracts a man. The same is the case with the scent of flowers. You are attracted towards them.

All the above sense organs when stimulated feel something-either love or pain.

The Universal Vibration: In the words of science, sensory stimulus are nothing but vibrations. The whole universe is made up of vibrating waves which are interpreted by the respective sense organs accordingly.

People who have watched the Star Wars saga would understand what I mean. Remember what Obi-Wan Kenobi or Master Yoda keep saying all the time to Luke Skywalker-“Feel the force”. It is the sense of these vibrations that perceives one’s feelings.

Apart from the vibrations that can be felt by our five senses, there are a few vibrations that are felt by out inner consciousness. This is what most people claim as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) which is more commonly known as the Sixth Sense.

There no doubt exists a Universal Vibration which can only be perceived by the mind’s higher state-consciousness and this higher state connects all the beings in the Universe allowing one to literally affect his/her surroundings.

Plants and ESP: In the book, Primary Perception coined by Cleve Backster, the author explains how his intention to burn a plant registered a bioelectrical activity in the plant. The author demonstrates in his book that plants can perceive spontaneous and planned activities.

Thus, the nature around us can also interpret our thoughts which nevertheless makes talking to trees a possibility.

The Reverse: If all the senses lead to a one and only sense, then its converse is also true, meaning- feeling would also lead to the five senses. The best example for this is a blind person’s touch. He/she tries to see a person by feeling the face.

Science even explains the phenomenon of a one and only sense. When a particular sense organ in our body loses its functionality, our body compensates for it by enhancing the functions of a different organ. For instance, a person who loses sight might have his/her hearing or smelling instincts improve. Sometimes, there is every chance that the sixth sense might also be instigated.

So, everything just comes down to feeling again.

The one and only sense-feeling, is a sense of the universal vibration. This vibration is the energy that drives this entire universe forward. Feeling can therefore be termed as an emotion which runs in everyone of us sub-consciously.

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  1. I like Tim’s point about education. The pelpoe who voted for the living statue, that is THEIR art. That’s the closest they ever get to art and that’s why it’s so disappointing that the artists’ statement was about capitalism. If the closest you get to art is a living statue, you don’t have a frame of reference to interpret what is truly artistic and creative or an expression of the human experience.After the point of education I think it’s more a question of introduction and slow introduction at that. And whatever is being introduced somehow needs to relate to what the audience already has in their point of reference. Tim’s reference to The Shining was a good one; they’ve seen that movie and now know that is how that piece of music is to be interpreted. Now that piece is a part of their knowledge base and when they DO hear the Berio trombone Sequenza they can relate it to this flute piece.I’m not convinced that new music is good. I’m a music scholar too (or whatever) and on the almost impossible occasion that I can find new music (I live in Nebraska) it’s unlikely that it will be performed with any amount of facility and I don’t want to commit that much time to find out. For what Lincoln, NE has in a vibrant visual art scene it seriously lacks in a living music scene. There is NO jazz here, there is NO new music program at the University and therefore NO way for the good decent pelpoe of Nebraska to be exposed to new music. Sure, someone could pick up a recording but even I have issues with that. Recordings are so impersonal and allow you to flip through an entire album and never listen to anything in its entirety. It’s not always a question of intellectual accessibility but often a question of physical accessibility. I think that some large orchestras are on the right track with new music. They’ll commission a work and put it on the same program with a big-name soloist or a really popular piece of classical music so at least it’s given a voice. I know that’s not ideal but it certainly attempts to open the minds of a hall full of Uchida/Mozart fans for a few minutes.And no, there’s no convincing Mozart pelpoe.

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