Climate Change may Lead to 5 Million Deaths by 2020!

We all are aware of the fact that climate change is happening for real and an emerging threat to public health across the world. A study conducted by the Climate Vulnerable Forum revealed that nearly 5 million people may die because of drastic climate change in the next 10 years. This may happen if the countries fail to take up an effective response to the problem.

If the problem is not addressed immediately, then starting from 2030, around a million fresh deaths will occur every year! Read on to know more how the drastic change in climate is going to affect human health in the near future.

The Climate Report
According to the report titled ‘Climate Vulnerability Monitor’, it has been estimated that already 3,50,000 people are dying across the world every year due to the climatic changes. This report is backed by several leading international authorities on climate change like Micheal Zammit Cutajar, who was the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The founder of the Climate Vulnerable Forum is Mohammed Nasheed, president of Maldives.

The report assesses 184 nations on the basis of estimated effects on four crucial areas:

  • Economic stresses on non-renewable natural resources
  • Loss of human habitat from desertification and rising sea levels
  • Weather disasters
  • Public health

Startling Facts and Figures ai??i?? Shocking Statistics
The nations are judged on four levels ai??i?? acute or severe, high, moderate or low vulnerability for each of these four factors. Then, an overall rating is given. Hence, if by 2030 no immediate and effective action is taken, nearly 132 nations will have an overall factor of high vulnerability as estimated by the report.

Also, 15 nations located mostly in Africa are now already acutely vulnerable to the climate change impacts. Over the next two decades, this group is estimated to expand to 54 countries! The hardest-hit nations include developing nations like Somalia, Myanmar, Haiti and Afghanistan.

According to the report, even West African countries are at risk of facing food shortages. In the next two decades, these countries are probably going to include South Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, low-lying islands like Papua New Guinea and the Maldives as well as several other sub-Saharan African countries.

To simplify the figure, here is the list of risks posed to the nations:

  • 68 nations will face wide-ranging economic stresses
  • 48 nations will become acutely vulnerable to loss of human habitat
  • 20 nations will have to endure extreme weather conditions
  • 42 nations will be at risk of adverse health impacts of climate change

Most Deadly Consequence – Health Impacts
In accordance with the threat to human life, it is estimated that climate change is responsible for 345,000 deaths every year, mostly due to climate-sensitive diseases like diarrhea and malaria and lack of proper nutrition (malnutrition).

Without any efforts to minimize the pace of climate change or prevent harm to public health, the annual death toll is expected to rise to around 843,000 by 2030. Hence, we should come together and try to find an impending solution to prevent the drastic climate changes that can cause adverse effects on the earth’s biodiversity. So, DO YOUR BIT to stop climate change.

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