The Style Spectacle(s)

How many of you have purchased glasses after watching Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter? Or how many of you wear them because Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johanssen or Johnny Depp wore them on screen or on the red carpet? In one way, on-screen characters and many celebrities have revolutionized wearing glasses once again.

Gone are the days, when it was only a geek or nerds who were supposedly wearing glasses. Glasses are no longer a medical necessity but, now add to the style quotient.

The History of Glasses: The concept of magnification dates back to the 5th century BC and ancient hieroglyphs of the Egyptians suggest that they were the first ones who used glass lenses. During the 1st century AD, The Roman Emperor Nero’s tutor Seneca the Younger used the concept of magnification to read even the smallest letters while looking through a glass of water. In fact, the emperor also is said to have used emerald lens for eye correction while watching games at the Colosseum.

The Chinese are known to have introduced the concept of sunglasses during the 12th century AD. Flat panes made out of smoky quartz are believed to have been used by the Chinese to protect themselves from the sun’s glare.

Once a Medical Condition, Now a Statement of Fashion: The advent of soft contact lenses actually brought a sigh of relief to many people who were wearing glasses. They wanted to get rid of their eye wear just to look more younger and more fashionable.

But now, it seems the roles have reversed. Not any more is plain eye wear considered a thing of the past and an accessory of the elderly. With a variety of frames in a variety of shapes now to be found in the market, glasses have become the new trend among both the youth and old.

The Style Statement: Let us look at a few interesting statistics which tell us what people of today feel about wearing glasses.

  • Every one out of ten who fall between the ages 18-24 are known to buy plain designer glasses today.
  • 64 percent have agreed that wearing glasses leaves behind a positive impression today than it did 10 years ago.
  • 53 percent of the women between the ages of 18-44 have agreed that wearing glasses has attracted the attention of many men.
  • 43 percent students at school feel that glasses are a big hit among their peers and in a way makes them look clever.
  • At least one in every seven children, feel glasses add to the cool attitude.
  • A mere 5 percent have suggested any bullying activities against them for wearing glasses, while ten years ago the almost 71 percent people were bullied for wearing glasses.

Celebs who Popularised the Culture: According to a poll conducted by a US magazine, Julia Roberts is the sexiest star with glasses on. While the second spot went to the Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman, Alicia Keys stood third followed by Mischa Barton and Courtney Love.

The male counterparts are also not lagging behind and Johnny Depp is often spotted with thick rimmed spects when not shooting. Ashton Kutcher and of course Daniel Radcliffe are a few others who have popularised the glasses culture.

Suspecs is the new category into which all the wearers now fall. Glasses make one look smarter, stylish and sexy. There are not many who are going to argue against this point. So all the oval, round, square and long faced guys and gals, grab your specs today!

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