Feeling Overwhelmed – Turn it Around!

Feeling overwhelmed is a challenge that many experience on a daily basis. The modern way of life is increasing the phenomenon. Work, kids, parents, phone calls, texts, emails – you feel like going crazy as the world rushes past you! When your mind is cluttered with too many thoughts or your life is busy it can be relatively easy to get overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is a sensation where you tend to think that there are too many things to be done and you are not in control. Whew…. Does it sound too familiar? If your answer is yes, then read on to turn around the feeling of being overwhelmed with a few simple steps.

Feeling overwhelmed is associated with a sense of panic and leads to guilt and exhaustion as you think you are not justifying your acts. When there are too many demands on your time and energy and you can’t say no, this feeling strikes you! To have a hassle-free life, one needs to plan, cope and prioritize. If you ‘compartmentalize’ your life, the feeling of being overwhelmed will diminish immediately.

Here are 5 simple yet effective tips which will help you to experience a better quality life, but you may need to find some time to practice them. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

1. Begin with a powerful shift of awareness
The unwelcome sense of feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind, it’s NOT the real you. This is an important point as it was your wonderful decision to live a bigger and wholesome life in the first place. It is easy to to slip into the regressive mode. Although, you should acknowledge that to take responsibility for your decisions is an empowering act.

2. Remember that this feeling is triggered by a perception – false or true
Most often, one perceives a lack of factors. Not enough confidence, resources, money, time – the list is a long one. It’s your call to decide whether you are afraid of something real or a future projection which you can’t even predict. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of a real situation, do the needful – take immediate action. Get a grip on yourself if you are thinking about a projection in the future which is unpredictable. A critical antidote for this feeling is to distinguish between projection and reality.

3. Recognize your personal symptoms of feeling overwhelmed
Try to identify the symptoms which signify your sense of being overwhelmed. To make things more simpler, you may have tell-tale physical symptoms: depression, fatigue, headaches – potential early warning bells to alert you that you are headed down the slippery slope of hopelessness.

4. Call for a break and admit honestly
Sometimes all you need to do to stop the chain reaction is naming the obvious. You can do this by yourself or recruit someone to give you a wake-up call. The best solution is to have a session to vent out your feelings and blow off some steam. You can return the favor later.

5. Prioritize for a clutter-free life
You tend to overlook this simple truth of life. This occurs when most of the things which you do are important. Make a list of all the tasks needed to be done. Assign each task with a number to make a simple list of events. For example, 1 is urgent, 2 is important and 3 can be done next week.

In the end, it’s YOUR life… get a grip and imagine the endless possibilities!

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