Altruism Might Attract the Opposite Sex

It’s confirmed that doing good to others will bring good to yourself. And we are not just talking philosophically but scientifically as well. Altruism or selfless concern for the welfare of others will not only get you a place in the heaven but also make you popular among the opposite sex as the potential mate. This is what the researches conducted by Dr Tim Phillips and his colleagues at the University of Nottingham and King’s College, London, proved to the world.


The Study #1
This remarkable study included three extensive studies on more than 1,000 people. Several questions were asked to the participations about the qualities they find attractive in a potential mate. Some of the questions that were asked were whether they look for a partner who:

  • donates blood on a regular basis
  • volunteers to help at the local hospital

These questions were related to the altruistic qualities of a person.

The Findings
The following findings were observed in the study:

  • Women participants gave more importance to the altruistic characteristics in all the three studies which were carried out.
  • Both the sexes do consider selfless attitude while choosing a mate.

The Conclusion
According to Dr. Phillips, one of the researchers of the study:

  • Evolutionary theory states that there have been various examples where the individuals have gone out of the way to help others. They put themselves under risk to help out other individuals without any obvious rewards.
  • The major cause of altruism was contributed to reputation and reciprocity.
  • Our ancestors also chose partners who were more selfless and giving.
  • Altruism makes the person more attractive as a good and long-term parent.
  • There is a need for more research to understand the altruism in humans.

You can find this study in British Journal of Psychology.

The Study # 2
87 non-identical and 70 identical female twins were given questionnaires. The questions were related to their self levels of altruistic qualities and whether they found it desirable in their potential mates. Some of the questions were:

  • I gave money to a charity.
  • I dived once into a river to save someone.

The Findings
The analysis of the participants’ responses pointed out to the influence of the genes in the difference between the participant’s mate preference and self altruistic behavior. This might be due to the sexual selection.

The Conclusion

  • It was also observed that in the evolutionary past, the individuals with a mate preference to altruistic behavior were attracted to the same.
  • A link between sexual selection and human altruism was established.
  • The study proved that there is a strong genetic evidence that our altruistic behavior might have evolved as it was one of the primary qualities preferred by our ancestors in choosing a mate.
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Whether it will fetch you a partner or not, one thing is sure altruism will surely make the world a better place.

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