How To Overcome Social Phobia

Social phobia is clinically referred to as ‘Social anxiety‘. There are extreme feelings of self-consciousness and powerful fear development. This results in a person feeling uncomfortable and unable to participate in daily social situations. This condition is called Social anxiety or Social Phobia.

Some people feel nervous and anxious in some situations in their life, which is quite normal. People with social phobia have more shyness, which affects millions of people. These people can easily interact with their family members and very close friends. But talking in a group, meeting new people and speaking in public, their extreme shyness kicks in. They feel so self-conscious and anxious, which prevents them from speaking up and they avoid socializing most of the time, that is probably more than shyness.

People with social phobia can face serious problems when trying to communicate with other peers. This article does not promise to cure the problems of social phobia, but can help you to take better steps to face day to day interactions and weed out the fear within.

How to overcome social phobia

Symptoms of Social Phobia
The following are some of the symptoms, which are commonly observed in people affected with social phobia:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Breathlessness
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Blushing
  • Inability to think clearly and speak
  • Losing control
  • Fear of dying

Adults affected with this phobia do realize that their fears are irrational and they often find that the panic situation and their thinking about facing can bring any severe anxiety.

Steps to Overcome Social Phobia
The following are a few steps to get over social phobia:

  • Analyze your reasons for phobia – When you know, what is a social phobia, then it can help you overcome it. At times, you may feel there is no such reason for fear, but still try to find out the root of the fear.
  • how to overcome Social Phobia

  • Must feel that everyone is not your judge – Sometimes, people with social phobia feel that everyone around you is judging you and is passing his judgment on you. Then, you must step back a few steps and realize that generally people don’t care.
  • Begin with small – To overcome fear, you must start with small talks with people you meet often like schoolmates, employees and other people who come in your contact.
  • Perform something spontaneous in public – If you do something in public, it will contribute to overcome your “embarrassment factor”. This factor is the biggest contributor to the social phobia. Sometimes, the levels of craziness vary from person to person. Doing something crazy can make you feel awkward in the beginning, but later on you will find a sense of accomplishment.
  • Self motivation – This would push you to achieve your goals of weeding out social phobia.
  • Realize first important thing in public is communication – People want to be talked to. Thus, communication is the most important activity in public in every culture. So, be relaxed.
  • Socializing is 80% mental and 20% practice – When you think too much of what others think about you, then communicating with them makes it negligible. Start with a small talk and give them some compliments. It is a fact that people love compliments. This is the best way to overcome social phobia.
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  • When facing big groups, just sit back and relax – When you are in a group conversation, do not pressurize yourself to say something. The mantra is to act like you are comfortable. If you get the chance to speak and contribute something meaningful, then people will appreciate, so just throw it in there and you will be fine.
  • Don’t get trapped in thinking you should fake confidence – In you are thinking too much, people will observe you and you’ll end up looking like a douche bag. So, find out your positive qualities and be proud of that. Everyone has something unique, so find out it in you and be confident about that. Some model kids do not hold a bunch of good qualities, but it is their self confidence and self esteem, which makes them noticed and this is the quality. Anyone can adopt this quality.
  • Stop worrying about ‘You’ – Not anyone is least bothered about you, if you are being judged or being treated unfairly. Else, think about the ways in which you can make people around you comfortable. Even if you are not that good, but mere thinking about that can make a huge difference. You will end up making others comfortable and merry, and you will be surrounded with people appreciating you.

At last, remember that there is nobody who can stop you from getting over social phobia. You just require time and accomplish things one by one, as there is nothing you can achieve overnight. You can consult a therapist if it is at an extreme level. But, be positive and just be yourself..!!!

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