10 Company Names And Their Amazing Stories

Shakespeare said, ai???What’s in a name?ai??? We say- Everything!!! They become the identity. Some company names have very interesting story behind them. Read on to know why they are called what they are called.

Google- The founders of Google (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) aimed at building a search engine that would not only be simple to use but also provide googol number of sites, which is 1 followed by a hundred zeros, upon search. Page and Brin wanted to name their project ai???Googolai??? . They submitted the project to an investor, who made a spelling error and wrote a check payable to ai???Googleai???. This spelling mistake gave the world a new word ai???Googleai??? synonymous with ai???searchai???.

Apple- Steve Jobs couldn’t find a good name for the new company and this made him late by three months in filing the name for business. He called for a meeting and announced that if by 5 o’clock that day no one comes up with a good name he would name it anything he likes. As luck would have it, no one could suggest a company name and Steve was eating an apple that moment. He decided to call the new company ai???Apple Computers.ai??? Of course, it is one of the many explanations of the company name.

Hotmail- Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia had the brilliant idea of checking the e-mail through web interface. Bhatia searched for a name which ends with ai???mailai???. They settled for ai???Hotmailai??? as the word has ai???htmlai??? which is the programing language that is used in web pages.

Hewlett-Packard- Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett, the founders of HP, had to actually toss a coin to decide upon the name. They couldn’t decide whether to call the company Packard-Hewlett or Hewlett-Packard. You are wrong- the winner was not Bill, it was Dave.

Yahoo- The Yahoo founders Jerry Yang and David Filo worked on a project that had the favorite web links and gave it the original name, ai???Jerry and Davidai??i??s Guide to the World Wide Web,ai??? Quite a mouthful, we would say!!! Later the team chose the name Yahoo which is supposed to be an acronym for ai???Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.ai??? Yahoo also means unsophisticated, rude and uncouth.

Oracle- Bob Oats and Larry Ellison worked on consulting project for the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. The project’s code name was Oracle- a system that would give answer to all the questions. A funny explanation would be that it is an acronym for One Real A****** Called Larry Ellison.

Cisco- We too thought it is an acronym. Cisco is actually shortened form of San Francisco.

Volkswagen- Adolf Hitler wanted to make a car for the masses. He wanted an automobile to carry two adults with three children comfortably and was affordable. He gave this project to the Porche. The literal meaning of Volkswagen is ai???people’s carai???. Very appropriate!!!

Reebok- The name ai???Reebokai??? was inspired by the African antelope ai???rhebokai???. The founders of the company saw the word in a dictionary which was won by Joe Foster, J.W Foster’s son.

Six Apart- This one’s very interesting and no one could have guessed the origin. The founders of the company, Benjamin Trott and his wife Mena Trott, were born just six days apart. Benjamin on September 22, 1977 and Mena on September 16, 1977

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