Are You Risking Your Health with Cell Phones..??

Our environment is surrounded by different kinds of radiations. The effects of cell phone radiation is the subject of much interest throughout the world, as a result of huge increase in its usage. Cell phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. Some people believe these radiations can be harmful to health.

We rarely think about the possible health hazards our modern communication devices can cause. Nearly everyone has a cell phone in today’s world, in fact the statistics reveal that presently there are more than 4 billion mobile phone users in the world. This number is equivalent to 66% of all people who own a cell phone or living with a person that does. Did you ever consider that mobile phones creating hazards, which may may not show up for 15 years.

There are several studies which show strong correlation to the usage of cell phone and brain tumors. But the reality is that cell phone usage is not only restricted to brain tumors, it can lead to increased stress, headaches and various sleeping disorders. These disorders are caused by radio waves emitted by the antennas of cell phones.

cell phone hazards

How Cell Phones Cause Disorders

  • The radio waves which are emitted by the cell phone antennas lead to various health hazards.
  • The mobile phones via microwave transmission send information to the local provider.
  • Your body absorb these signals and these are the basis for various health issues.

These radio waves emitted by a GSM mobile can have a maximum power of 2 watts and in CDMA mobile uses the lower output power of 1 watt. The power level in increased or decreased automatically by a base station, which keeps a check on the signal strength. It regulates the power level according to different situations depending on outside or inside the building or vehicle. The rate at which this radiation is absorbed by the human body is measured in terms of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). These limits have been set by governmental regulating agencies in various countries.

Some Ways to Avoid Health Issues
The following are some of the ways, we as a consumer can do to avoid various health problems by using cell phones:

  • Avoid using your cell phone for extended period of time.
  • Phone should be kept away at 6ai??? from your ear.
  • For most of your calls, use land line connection.
  • Headset should be used to keep the phone away from the body and minimize the radiation.
  • Talk less and text more.
  • Get a radio shield (EMF protection shield) to minimize radiation emission from cell phone.
  • Do not keep the cell phone too close to your body like in pockets and belt clips.

Cell Phone Hazards

Our children are more prone to radiations risk as compared with adults. Their brains are more susceptible to these radiations as their skull bones are thin and brains are smaller. These help radio frequencies to penetrate deep into the brain and also children will be exposed to cell phone for a longer period of time in their life as they are young and will be using this device for the rest of their lives.

This article guides you about the dangers a cell phone can cause and awares you about the preventive measures that can be taken to tackle the health conditions in future.

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