Watch’s Your Watch?

The concept of time is a very fascinating one. The very reason man has been trying to explore time travel. But, if we just need to know time, we need a device that shows us time. It can be a wall clock, an alarm clock, a mobile phone, a computer and the one most of us have on us at all times-a wrist watch.

Wrist watches, as the name suggests are worn with the help of a chain or strap over the wrist. These watches can be the very meagre ones used to keep an eye on the clock, but what of the most precise, fascinating and expensive ones that a few elite possess?

Wrist Watch: Wall clocks were the predecessors of pocket watches that evolved in the 17th century. It was only in the 1920’s the wrist watches came into being and slowly the pocket watch culture began to vanish.

Most wrist watches, which do not cost much are made of quartz. But, the ones of aesthetic value, which possess the superior touch of a skilled craftsman are not only limited but also cost very dear.

These elite limited pieces are run mostly by mechanical movements powered by springs.

The Expensive Elites: These limited edition watches are not for everyone. Most of us need a watch to keep a track of time, but some prefer them as collectibles while a some exhibit their panache with them.

Joaillerie 101 Manchette: Considered to be the most expensive watch in the world, this is a manufacture of the Jaeger-LeCoultre. This watch is made of onyx, 18 carat white gold and the most exalting of all, 576 diamonds. The price of this watch has not yet been disclosed.

Tour de I’lle: Manufactured by Vacheron Constantin in the year 2005, these limited edition collectibles are of the most complicated design. The dial is solid gold and the strap made of alligator skin is hand sewn. The buckle is a pink gold make. Sunset time, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and time zones are the watch’s features.

Big Bang Chronograph: Priced 1 million dollars, the watch contains diamonds which can be made visible precisely by making the design disappear.

Billionaire Tourbillon: Only 10 produced pieces by Corum, priced 998,000 dollars and 850 diamonds embedded into the watch make this one indeed a unique piece.

Tecnica Skeleton Chronograph: An 850,000 dollars price tag with minute repeater and tourbillon features and a chronograph is a production of Parmigiani Fleurier.

Grande Complication: A 785,000 dollars production of Blancpain, contains the features tourbillon, automatic winding mechanism, split-seconds chronograph and moon calendar. The band is a crocodile skin make.

Opera One: A 495,000 dollars price tag for this Girard-Perragaux make. This one has actually got a see through backing with the band made out of alligator skin. This piece has a wonderful power reserve capacity and it can produce tunes every hour.

Double Tourbillon: 329,000 dollars for this pure platinum design watch, a production of Breguet. These watches are hand engraved and the dial features an amazing design of the solar system.

Titanic: Aptly named, the casing of these watches are actually made from the Titanic’s hull and the dial is a mixture of ceramics and the recovered coal from the Titanic. These elite watches cost 152,435 dollars and are manufactured by Romain Jerome.

Paramount Tourbillon: Designed by the elegant Swiss watchmaker this watch is priced 128,00 dollars. The casing of the dial is in white gold and the band is made of alligator skin and covered with rubber. It has an amazing 72 hour power reserve.

Omega, Rolex, Tag Heur, Rado, Baume & Mercier, Porsche, Concord and many more manufacturers of watches produce these elite designs which can very much be adored.

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