Medical Marijuana Haunts Old-Age Nursing Homes

Norma Winkler in Rhode Island regularly uses cannabis oil to ease her chronic back pain. She is 82 years old and uses cannabis oil for her pain, which she has been enduring since she was 15. The cause of her back pain was a horrendous car accident that fractured her spine and skull. She underwent many operations for her pain, without getting any relief. The pain used to keep her up at night affecting her health.

But, with cannabis oil Mrs Winkler is able to live independently, even managing a jewelry factory. But, she is worried about the future, when she might need institutional care. Would old age care facilities allow her to continue using medical marijuana? Mrs Winkler is certain she will not go to a nursing home that prohibits the use of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Haunts Nursing Homes
The question of elderly patients using medical marijuana is haunting assisted living nursing homes. This is because using medical marijuana is prohibited by federal law. The federal government does not think it has any medicinal value. Care facilities receive federal funds through Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors in 14 states plus the District of Columbia can recommend medical marijuana. Eight other states are also considering legalizing it.

Questions About Medical Marijuana
Facility administrators are thus obliged to obey federal law, but their patients need medical marijuana. A resolution to allow care facilities to use medical marijuana was shot down. There are concerns about proper use of medical marijuana in these care facilities. Dosage is a major concern. In some nursing homes, medical marijuana tends to disappear. Staff also seek to share marijuana with patients.

What About Other Patients?

Another vexing problem is how non-using residents may view the use of medical marijuana at care facilities. They may see it as a criminal offense, raising a dilemma about patients’ rights. Marijuana smoke may affect other patients’ lungs and its smell can also be offensive. There may also be cultural complaints because of the stigma attached to medical marijuana.

One solution is to designate marijuana-smoking areas. These questions raise issues about patients’ rights as they would like to lead their lives choosing their own choices and values. More importantly, elderly patients in care facilities want to live a pain-free life by using medical marijuana.

California to Decide

California is due to vote soon on the question of recreational marijuana use. If the measure is passed, it can bring many positive changes for elderly patients in care facilities, as it would provide them easier access to medical marijuana.

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  1. Give it up people. The Cannabis Plant has been demonized for the past 73 years by the Federal Gov’t of the U.S. and it still maintains this stance against marijuana. Only because that is what the State told the Feds they wanted Marijuana illegal back in the early 20th Century. Now the grandchildren of those people want the therpeutically active substance known as Cannabis to be legal. That is the change we are going through now. The change back to normal regarding the marijuana plant which was created by God for our benefit. Anyone who mistakenly buys into the lies regarding marijuana is against God for God is incapable of evil or creating evil. God created the Marijuana plant abd saw that it was good. What the hell is man’s problem? Nothing, man is doing what he does best, SCREW UP!!! Rather than live by the Word of God Who became flesh and walks among us today in spiritual form. And God is watching you who are so stupid as to actually believe anything that comes out of Washington for it is against God’s will to lock his children up in prison simply by using the gifts the Good Lord gave us i.e. the Cannabis/Marijuana plant. God created Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica not Reefer Madness!!!

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