Cell Phones- A Boon or Bane?

None of us deny that the world has been shrunk to a smaller size, thanks to the advent of cell phones. Speaking to our loved ones from any corner in the world has never been easier and these cell phones have not just been limited to having conversations. In fact they come with various other features like camera, music, games, Internet and what not that keep us company.

All said and done, is there in any way that a cell phone can detonate our brains and cause other potential health issues? There has been a growing concern among many researchers of late regarding the excessive use of cell phones.

The Dangers: One might wonder how such a wonderful and tiny helpful instrument can potentially cause any harm. Let me begin with a simple question.

How many of you out there use hands free kits while driving? Well, you know the answer! There has been a rise in the number of accidents due to the use of cell phones not only while driving but also while walking. Cell phones can hurt!

But, apart from lack of attention, there are also a few health issues that cell phones can cause.

  • Let us begin with radiation. You must have surely felt your ear heat up while having an extended conversation over the phone. This is due to the electromagnetic radiation from the phone. Radiation poses serious sleep disorders coupled with headaches and lack of attention. Even sleeping with a cell phone by the side can be really harmful. Insomnia is one potential health risk that would haunt people.
  • The heat produced by the electromagnetic radiation can potentially heat up the tissues in the head. But, this heat is usually countered by the brain. But, what about the eyes? The eyes are not as capable as the brain to keep the heat out. There is every possibility of developing early cataracts if over exposed to this radiation.

Recent studies have also unveiled that the microwave radiation from a cell phone can cause

  • muscle spasms and joint pains
  • reduce the efficiency of the White Blood Cells
  • can stimulate asthma
  • can lead to digestive problems
  • can cause skin rashes.

The worst of all, studies have suggested that cell phone usage can lead to brain tumours and cancer in a worst case scenario. The latest technology used in today’s phones is putting youngsters at a grave danger of developing cancer.

What to Do?: We cannot do away with a cell phone. But, we can do a few things to limit the seriousness of potential risks.

  • Avoid usage for extensive periods.
  • Place the phone at a distance of 6 inches from the ear.
  • Use landlines as much as possible.
  • Use hands free kits which would help keep radiation away.
  • Use a radio frequency shield over the phone.
  • Avoid talking if texting is possible.

There is a certain theory by the great Albert Einstein that if all the bees in this world were to disappear, the human race would perish within four years. Microwave radiation can potentially kill bees and the rest I leave it to your imagination.

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    • For once I’d like to see a review that rates PHONE peamrrfonce before all the cutesy bells and whistles having to do with internet, mp3, movies, texting, and whatever else the marketing department has convinced people they need to see in these devices.How about its ability to make PHONE CALLS? That’s what I expect in a PHONE.

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