Can Yoga Provide Fibromyalgia Pain Relief?

According to researchers at the Oregon Health & Science University, Yoga can provide Fibromyalgia pain relief. The results of the findings will be detailed in the November 10 2010 online edition of the journal Pain. The study was supported by the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation and the Oregon Health & Science University Medical Research Foundation.

11-15 million Americans are affected with Fibromyalgia. $20 billion are spend by the government on patients of this painful condition every year. Its symptoms are muscle pain, headaches, memory problems, fatigue, sleeping problems, morning stiffness, tingling and numbness. The cause is not known as of now. The researchers believe that genes and physical/emotional stress are behind this condition.

Is Yoga Effective as Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Technique?

  • Medications, physical exercise and development of coping skills were proved to be effective in fibromyalgia pain management by earlier research.
  • The researchers wanted to know the potential of yoga as a prescribed treatment for this condition.
  • In 80-90 percent cases, women are diagnosed with it. It is owing to this reason the researchers enrolled 53 female patients of this pain as the participants.
  • They were divided into two groups, one group was given yoga treatment and the other group was given standard treatment of this pain for eight weeks.
  • Physical tests and questionaires were given to the patients in order to assess their condition after the yoga program.
  • Comparision of the results revealed that patients undergoing yoga program experienced improvement in number of fibromyalgia symptoms like fatigue, pain, poor sleep, stiffness, poor memory, depression, poor balance and anxiety.
  • Pain was decreased by 24 percent on average, fatigue came down by 30 percent and depression became low by 42 percent in patients who practiced yoga for fibromyalgia pain management.
  • The researchers owe the success of yoga as Fibromyalgia pain relief technique to the commitement shown by the participants of group one.
  • They belief that this technique has enough potential of being the natural therapy for this painful condition in the coming days if the research is well supported.

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