Peace of Mind – Let Tranquility Prevail!

How many times have you felt irritated and got upset because your friend or spouse isn’t living up to your expectations, because your child is not behaving, because your colleague wasn’t doing his/her job properly? How many instances you have been irritated when a person doesn’t do things the way you are used to do?

This form of anger and loathing happens to all of us – this is an integral part of the human experience. And its not easy to find peace of mind when you are upset or irritated. Here is a little secret to find peace of mind – “see the glass as already broken”. The cause of our irritation, anger and stress is that many things don’t go the way we like. Ponder how many times this point has been true for you.

So, the solution is quite simple – expect the unexpected, expect things to go wrong sometimes. And most importantly, accept the final outcome. What exactly is peace of mind? It is a mental state of tranquility and inner calmness, there is no fear, strain or stress and worries cease to exist. Here are a few simple things which may help you to attain peace of mind!

Peace of Mind – Soothing Your Strained Nerves

  • Minimize the amount of time you watch news on TV or read newspapers.
  • Try to keep away from negative conversations and negative people.
  • Stop holding grudges against anyone. Learn the simple yet effective mantra – forget and forgive. Nurturing grievances and ill feelings often hurts you and troubles you while sleeping.
  • Stop being jealous of others. This implies that you have a low self-esteem and inferiority complex. This may again cause lack of inner peace.
  • Learn to be more tolerant and patient with people as well as events.
  • Accept results that cannot be changed. This helps in saving a lot of time, energy and worries.
  • Stop taking everything personally. It is necessary to be mentally and emotionally detached at times. Try to minimize your involvement in other people’s life.
  • Let bygones be gone. Erase the past and try to concentrate on the present moment. You don’t have to evoke unpleasant and painful memories.
  • Try to practice a few concentration exercises. This helps you to stop worrying which steals away your peace of mind.
  • You may also learn to practice meditation. Even if you practice for a few minutes every day, it will make a positive change in your life.

Eventually, if one continues to improve on their inner peace of mind, he or she will experience permanent tranquility of mind. This is also known as ‘nirvana’. Once nirvana is attained, one will be happy throughout their life. Hence, try to soothe your strained nerves and have a peaceful and serene mindset.

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