How Serious is the Condition Osteoporosis Fracture of Spine?

According to the President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), under-diagnosis and lack of treatment of Osteoporosis fracture of spine is responsible for leaving millions of people in the world with chronic pain, disability, deformity and high risks of developing this condition in future. The report was issued on the World Osteoporosis Day in October 2010.

Physicians fail to diagnose the signs of this condition in two-thirds of cases. Left untreated, it leaves one in five women sustain another fracture within one year. Experts believe that it is high time for the medial professionals to grow their awareness of this subject and curb its severity in the society.

How Serious is the Condition Osteoporosis Fracture of Spine?

  • In every 22 seconds, one spinal fracture occurs in the world according to an estimation.
  • The burden this estimate places on the society and governments is immense to account for.
  • Studies found that men above the age of 50 years and 20-25 percent of Caucasian women currently have this fracture.
  • With the ageing of the population, it is estimated that the associated costs with all type osteoporotic fractures will be rising markedly over the next few decades.
  • In the case of only 40 percent older women with this fracture found through X-ray, the treatment is provided presently.
  • Less than 20 percent men with this fracture recieve proper diagnosis and timely treatment without any confusion from the side of medical professionals.
  • Experts from the University of California and Harvard Medical School urge the doctors to look deeply for the signs like severe and sudden back pain, stooped back and loss of height in patients above the age of 50 years especially.
  • This can ensure proper diagnosis of the condition and timely commencement of the treatment.

Conclusion: The repercussions of osteoporosis fracture of spine condition can be severe causing acute and chronic back pain, stooped back, immobility, loss of height,Ai?? depression, reduced pulmonary function, increased number of bed days and even unfortunate and premature death.

No reluctancy should be shown by the medicl professional in prescribing the patients for carrying out further tests and in identifying the radiology reports of these patients as FRACTURED ones to avoid confusion.

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  1. I am a 78 year old male with a long history of back pain.
    In 1988 after many cures in Hospital I was operated on L4-L5 in my lower back.
    Now in 2012 I have a serious Osteoporisis condition in my spine all the way from my neck to the base of the spine giving me much pain and pain relief seems to do little to dampen the pain.
    Trying to sleep in bed is almost impossibe as the pain gets so bad I just get up and spend the night sitting in a chair to get some relief.
    I have taken just about everything there is in medication to relieve the pain to no avail.
    Is there anybody who could advise me what options I have if any?

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