Memorable Movie Characters and Their Famous Quotes

Films, movies, cinema and celluloid have been an integral part of our life for many years now. We remember movies for their grandeur, for the stars in it, for the filmmaker, for the memorable music and even for the memorable characters the movie depicted. Remembering a movie for its characters just goes to show the impact it has on us.

These characters are loved so much that most of us tend to remember the actors by the name of the character they portrayed rather than their original one. In most cases, we remember a movie because of the memorable characters it possessed.

Famous Characters and their Quotes: Let us look at some characters that have left an indelible impression on our lives.

James Bond: A fictional character created by Sir Ian Fleming, don’t we just love the way Bond introduces himself in movies-“The name is Bond, James Bond”. This character of the MI6 agent, 007 hit the screens for the first time in 1962. There have been 22 films to date and this character has been portrayed by 6 actors whose careers have catapulted ever since.

Even Bond’s theme music remains a chartbuster and a well used ringtone to date. The more the the British secret agent puts his life at stake to save the Queen, the more we love him.

Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred“.

Vito Corleone: The masterpiece and the best selling novel by the Italian-American Mario Puzo, The Godfather was adapted to the screen by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola. Remember Don Corleone’s introduction in the movie with a pet cat in his hand and a rose inserted into the pocket of his dinner jacket.

Portrayed by the legendary Marlon Brando, this character remains to be one of the most influential characters in the motion picture history. Brando stuffed his mouth with cotton to make the character look more authentic and even had to give a screen test to satisfy the studio bosses. Needless to say, “I’ll make him an offer he cannot refuse“.

Brando won the Oscar award in the Best Actor Category and coincidentally Robert De Niro who played the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather PartII won the Oscar for best supporting actor. The only time in the history of motion picture that the same character portrayed by two different persons won an Oscar.

Yoda: The tiny Jedi Master Yoda with his jumbled sentences from the epic saga of Star Wars. This character epitomizes the universal rule of size does not matter. Though the tiniest and the oldest, Yoda is the master who supervises the Jedi council in the movie.

Yoda is much remembered though for his jumbled sentences and his actions with the light saber in the most recent Star Wars Trilogy. Frank OzAi?? provided the voice for this character in the movie.

Wars not make one great“, “size matters not” are a few famous and well known quotes of Yoda.

Tony Montana: Al Pacino’s merciless portrayal of this character with the Cuban accent and the scar on his face from the movie Scarface is considered to be one of the most violent characters in Hollywood. A remake of the 1932 film with the same name, this character revived the career of Al Pacino.

The famous one liners like “I trust me” and “say hello to my little friend” and “I always tell the truth even when I lie” are some of the famous quotes uttered by Montana and well remembered by many fans of this cult classic.

Jack Sparrow: Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow! The memorable Johnny Depp’s lines from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp picked up this character from the famous Walt Disney ride and portrayed a memorable role of his lifetime. Depp was severely ridiculed before the release of the movie for doing such a character.

But, you forgot one thing mate! I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!

These characters are only a few out of the many brilliant ones portrayed by many actors and actresses.

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  1. Hello, that’s nice article, i like James Bond because he has a remarkable charm

  2. I doubt real MI6 agents have as cool quotes as James Bond does though. If MI6 The History of the Secret Intelligence Service is anything to go by, the most memorable real life quote relates to using unusual bodily fluid as invisible ink… Not cool!

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