Top Ten Points to Know About Pancreatic Cancer Pain

43,140 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the pancreas and 36,800 will lose their lives owing to this disease by the end of 2010 in the United States.

Even the diagnosis, the changes of survival for five years are less than 5 percent. The pancreatic cancer pain is one of the intense form of its kind. This article tries to gain some vital insights on this particular complication of cancer.

Top Ten Points to Know About Pancreatic Cancer Pain:

  1. 80-85 percent of patients who are diagnosed with this cancer in the advanced stage either in the organ or in the body experience the intense pain.
  2. The pain initially exists in the form of harmless back pain or upper abdominal ache easily missing diagnosis.
  3. For months together it remains latent deep within the body and appears suddenly as aches which shift between the back and ribs along with a spot on the pancreas.
  4. It is experienced at irregular intervals and becomes worse on eating.
  5. Significant weight loss, anorexia, diarrhea, early satiety, dark urine, pruritus and jaundice are some of the conditions associated with this pain.
  6. In 50 percent of patients, jaundice develops in a manner which does not allow the removal of the pancreas by surgery.
  7. The pain with significant weight loss are the signs of the fact that the middle and tail section of the pancreas are affected by the malignant cancer cells.
  8. Presence of jaundice along with a painless swallon gallbladder confirm the pancreatic cancer ailment, differentiating it from gallstones condition.
  9. According to the American Cancer Society, no established guidelines are present which can prevent this cancer and inhibit the associated pain.
  10. Pancreatic cancer pain is one of the symptoms of this condition which has no cure. Treatment is primarily intended to curb the pain others signs of the ailment with the United States Food and Drug Administration drugs like Gemcitabine.

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