What do Martial Arts Aim At?

The true motto of martial arts is not violence but peace. It is not important for someone to learn the form of art as such, but it is important to understand the inner qualities of the art. In learning the art form, you are not only understanding the technicalities of that particular martial art but you are also training certain inner qualities of yours. So, what does the learning of martial art actually mean?

Is martial art just a form of defense or is their a spiritual angle to it?

Training Internal Qualities in Martial Art: One of the finest Japanese swordsman, Myamoto Musashi was the one who began looking into developing internal qualities along with his sword training. He discovered that the more and more he was trying to develop his skills with the sword the more proficient he wanted to get with other things surrounding his soul.

This intent allowed him to explore the spiritual side of things and he tried to implement this to everything in his life. This training helped him in implementing new farming techniques and made him a god for his villagers.

Striving for Purity: Every person who wants to learn this form of art has his/her own purpose to serve. The prime reason for pursuing these arts for many people is self defense. But for a few others, it can be something to add to their power through which they want to exercise their superiority.

  • The outcome of the arts does not have to always serve positive purposes. Needless to say, it may also bring out the negative in one.
  • This is why, the person pursuing these art forms has to understand and contemplate the inner meaning of these arts. Striving to master these internal thoughts has a positive effect on our soul and the idea of spirituality can be implemented in all walks of life.
  • To start mastering the spiritual side, it is important that the pure meaning of these arts is understood and the person pursuing strives for the true purity that these arts preach.
  • Purity necessarily does not mean perfecting the art. Purity comes from trying to implement the rules of such art forms in a proper manner. Trying to attain perfection could lead to eliminating the good in our lives.

Martial arts aim at helping a person implement spirituality in all walks of his/her life. It allows us to form a set of rules according to which we can lead a positive life.

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  1. I think Martial Arts are there for people to improve physical and mental abilities. Some people go more the physical router, others go for meditation and metal, other a little of both. Anyhow, Martial Arts look to improve one’s character and outlook in life.

  2. Martial arts is a great way to have a happier healthier life.

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