10 Most Active First Ladies of the US

Michelle Obama has been named as the most powerful woman in the world. Well, she is not the only first lady who has done her bit at the White House. Some of her predecessors were equally smart, active and influential. They used their power as the First Ladies to bring forth the issues that were important to them. These remarkable women stood by their husband’s side yet did not allow their individuality go unnoticed.

10 Most Active First Ladies of the US
Hillary Clinton
Married to: Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Her credits: Involved in directing health policies. Headed the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. Spoke on children and women related issues. Became the Senator of New York.

Michelle Obama
Married to: Barack Obama (44th President)
Her credits: Named the most powerful woman in the world. Supports organic movement. Advocates issues important to the military families. Started a movement “Let’s Move!” against childhood obesity.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Married to: Franklin Roosevelt (32nd President)
Her credits: Fought for Civil rights, Women’s rights and New Deal. Was on the board of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Assisted in drafting “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Was the first chairperson of the UN Human Rights Commission.

Edith Wilson
Married to: Woodrow Wilson (28th President)
Her credits: Served as steward of the executive branch during President Wilson’s stroke. Accompanied her husband to Europe for peace talks.

Dolley Madison
Married to: James Madison (4th President)
Her credits: Served as the White House hostess for Thomas Jefferson when his wife passed away. Saved many items of the White House when the British captured the House and burnt it.

Sarah Polk
Married to: James. K. Polk (11th President)
Her credits: Was well educated when education was not a privilege for women. Well-known for writing eloquent speeches and wrote correspondence for her husband.

Abigail Fillmore
Married to: Millard Fillmore (13th President)
Her credits: Taught Millard Fillmore at New Hope Academy. Created the White House library worth $2000. Spent hours in selecting books.

Caroline Harrison
Married to: Benjamin Harrison (23rd President)
Her credits: Had the first Christmas tree erected in the White House. Served the wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Proponent of the women’s rights.

Betty Ford
Married to: Gerald Ford (38th President)
Her credits: Advocated legalization of abortion and Equal Rights Amendment. Spread Breast Cancer Awareness.

Rosalynn Carter
Married to: Jimmy Carter (39th President)
Her credits: Sat over many cabinet meetings. Advocated issues related to mental health. Became the honorary chair of the Commission on Mental Health. Created The Carter Center Mental Health Task Force.

This list of the most active first ladies is not in a chronological order as they all occupy the top position!!!

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