Ways to Improve Your Posture

Quiet often, people who are diagnosed with back pain are told that it is their posture that has caused them this trouble. As children, we are told to maintain a healthy posture to maintain a healthy back. But, due to the hectic work schedules and constant work stress we seldom manage to maintain the right posture. For many employees, especially the ones who are in the software industry, it is important to practice proper posture.

Let us look at a few ways to improve your posture in order to maintain a pain free back.

Ways to improve your Posture: Many people we see nowadays either have a hunched or a slouched back. The reason for this is improper posture. How does one correct it?

Balloon Trick: This trick is a psychological one and not an exercise. Imagine, you are being pulled into the air with a balloon strung to your crown. No matter what happens, you would have to fly straight. Imagining a balloon on your head is a mind trick that works exceedingly well and your posture would have improved after a few weeks of practice.

Move: Many office jobs restrict employees to their seats. This could result in slouching. It is important to keep flexing your back and other limbs at regular intervals of time to avoid posture oriented problems.

Limbs’ Alignment: Most of us have a habit of sitting with our hips dragged forward (primary back reason for back pains). A proper posture is maintained when the hips, shoulders and ears are aligned in a vertical line. keep practicing this when you are in your office chair.

Proper Chair Setting: Chairs have to offer a proper support to the spine. The seat’s backrest and spine have to remain in contact. If not there could be problems related to the coccyx, neck and the shoulders.

Avoid High Heels: This one is for ladies. Avoiding high heels as far as possible is a must. High heels can disturb the body’s alignment, thus causing the spinal motion problems. It is best not to wear heels, but if the situation demands, go for smaller heels.

The above mentioned ways to improve your posture are a few guidelines which when practiced can guarantee an erect posture and pain free back. Remember erect postures ooze confidence about a person.

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