Gluteus Maximus Pain could Mean Sciatica Attack

The gluteus maximus muscles exist to the side of the buttocks and are the most important and influential muscles amongst the three gluteal muscles. Gluteus maximus muscle determines the shape and look of the butts. Pain ranging anywhere between severe and mild in the gluteus maximus would mean a sciatica attack . Pain is usually felt in either side of the buttocks and would radiate down the leg.

Treating both the symptoms and the cause of the pain is essential.

Gluteus Maximus Muscle: The term gluteus is a Greek derivation of the word gloutos which means butts. The set of glutean muscles to the side of the buttocks consist of the gluteus maximus (the strongest, largest and the outermost), gluteus minimus (smallest and the innermost) and gluteus medius (middle muscle). These three are responsible for maintain control on the butts’ sides.

  • This muscle controls all the bending and bowing movements of the upper body at and above the trunk. In the absence of this muscle, it would be very difficult to either stand, sit or walk.
  • Hence, it is important that these muscles are free from pain in order to avoid restricted movements.

Sciatica Attack: Sciatic nerve exists in the back of the body running from the buttocks into the thigh’s back and the calf and then into the foot. Sciatic nerve if inflamed (due to long journeys in a car or flight) causes a sciatic pain and this pain leads to pain in the gluteus maximus though it is the nerve that has the pain.

  • A pain in the gluteus maximus due to a sciatica attack severely restricts the lower body (especially movements like standing, sitting and walking). Unfortunately, even trying to rest could cause pain in the muscle.

A pain in the gluteus maximus muscle can help recognize sciatica attacks. It is not only important dealing with and treating the pain, but the root cause of the pain has to be addressed. Sciatica pain heals by itself by nursing it with ice packs. If the pain is severe, it is better to see a physician who could prescribe medications or steroids if necessary.

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