Does a Pilonidal Cyst Cause Pain?

A pilonidal cyst usually develops in the coccyx or the tail bone region and is visible on or near the buttocks’ cleft. Pilonidal is a combination of two Latin words. The words are pilus, meaning hair and nidus meaning nest. The reason for this is that the debris of pilonidal cyst contains hair and skin. So, does a pilonidal cyst cause any pain or would it exhibit no symptoms whatsoever?

Facts About Pilonidal Cyst: Let us look at a few facts about a pilonidal cyst.

  • Men are the most who suffer from a pilonidal cyst when compared to their female counterparts.
  • Amongst all the races, Caucasians are known to be the maximum sufferers of a pilonidal cyst.
  • People aged 15-24 are the ones most prone to develop a pilonidal cyst.
  • Anyone above forty is not known to develop a pilonidal cyst.

Does a Pilonidal Cyst Cause Pain?: Asymptomatics (people who do not show any symptoms) are very lucky when they develop a pilonidal cyst. But, except for a select few, the formation of a pilonidal cyst causes severe inflammation and pain. Also, the cyst might develop into an infection.

  • A pilonidal cyst can also develop near armpits, navel or near the penis, though this is very rare.
  • Irrespective of the area formed, they can cause severe pain.

Causes of a Pilonidal Cyst: Pilonidal cysts were widespread among the American soldiers of the World War II. The reason behind it was the constant pressure on the coccyx due to bumpy jeep rides. It was also known as jeep seat back then.

  • Ingrown hair is the prime cause of a pilonidal cyst. Ingrown hair can be a result of excessive pressure on the coccyx.
  • Excessive sweating is also known to be a reason for the development of a pilonidal cyst.
  • A pilonidal dimple which is congenital may also lead to the formation of a pilonidal cyst.

Antibiotic therapy, depilatory creams and hot compresses can be useful for treating a pilonidal cyst. In very rare cases would a surgery be required.

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