Is a Coccyx Surgery Essential to Treat Tail Bone Pain?

Coccyx surgery for the removal of a tail bone is the least preferred by most surgeons when it comes to treating tail bone pains. Out of 20 patients who see a doctor in connection with a tail bone pain, only one might be referred to surgical procedure. So, how would doctors have to decide about dealing with tail bone pain and the necessity for removing the coccyx in severely affected cases.

Coccyx Surgery Instructions: The following pre-surgery options and medications need to be looked at before considering a surgery for the removal of tail bone.

  • Upon experiencing pain in the tail bone, the first thing to do is to see a physician and know the reason for the pain. Coccyx pain can be due to a fracture to the coccyx or due to a cracked or chipped tail bone or sprains or pregnancy issues like labor. Sometimes no trauma or injury could also lead to a pain in the tail bone. Knowing the cause for the pain could help advice effective medication instead of a surgery.
  • If the cause of the tail bone pain is due to a tumor, then the best way to treat the pain is the removal of the tail bone by performing a surgery. But, not many people are affected by tail bone cancer.
  • Non-surgical methods and medication should be carefully administered and considered before thinking about a coccyx surgery for the removal of the tail bone.
  • Using coccyx cushions (donut cushions and wedge cushions) for alleviating pain and avoiding surfaces that put pressure on the back can be very effective while dealing with tail bone pain.
  • Non-prescription medicines are also available to treat pain.
  • Steroids that are directly injected into the tail bone and prescribed medications that can be taken through the mouth can also be considered before taking the opinion of a surgeon.
  • Most people are relieved from pain upon using the above medications and procedures apart from an unlucky select few people. In their case, surgery would be the only option left.

So for people considering of undergoing a coccyx surgery to get pain relief, it is better to follow the above procedures and medications. No relief from pain could prompt your physician to suggest a surgery.

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  1. i have has coccyy pain for many years. sitting and even sleeping there is pain.

    i play tennis, and walk but no pain. I USE THE PILLOW AND HAVE BEEN INJECTED WITH STERIODS.


  2. i am 30 years old i have low back pain last 10 year now the pain increase day by day the dr suggest to surgery but i affraid the surgery so i asked how % the surgery i s successed is after surgery i recored as normal man? plz reply

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