Picking Coccyx Cushions for Coccyx Pains

Several factors like pregnancy, fractures, sprains and dislocations could cause severe pain in the tail bone or the coccyx region, as it is called. Coccyx cushions can be of utmost use in order to alleviate discomfort in the coccyx region. Owing to the several cushions that are available nowadays, it becomes difficult picking the best cushion that would be suitable for you.

Types of Coccyx Cushions: Let us look at some of the most common types of cushions that are available for dealing with tail bone pain.

Donut Cushions: These cushions resemble a donut and are circular in shape. They are called donut cushions because of the center hole in the cushion. The intention of the cushion is to place your butt cheek’s lower part on the donut’s ring. This helps the tail bone to be centered exactly in the cushion’s middle, that is in the hole. Donut cushions, thus make sure that there is no pressure on the tail bone due to the body weight.

But, most people do not find donut cushions to be comfortable as proper placement of the tail bone exactly into the hole gets difficult.

Wedge Cushions: These cushions are square in shape and along the edge of the cushion there is cut in the form of a wedge or a triangle. The cushion has to be placed into the seat so that the wedge faces the back of the seat. Upon sitting onto the cushion, the bones in each of the butt cheeks’ lower part are provided support along with the upper thighs’ back. The wedge in the cushion at the back is to makes sure that the tail bone does not come in contact with the surface. Wedge cushions ensure that there is no pressure exerted on the tail bone by the body.

Most people prefer wedge cushions over donut cushions due to the comfort provided by the former.

Coccyx cushions can be found at many surgical stores and also they can be bought on-line. It is important to try these cushions before purchasing them in order to ensure maximum comfort after purchase.

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