Comfortable Positions to Deal With Coccyx Pain

Coccyx pain is at its worst when the person suffering actually tries to sit. So, in order to avoid aggravating the pain, it is better to avoid sitting and take up other comfortable postures like standing, leaning, kneeling or walking. But, this cannot be always implemented. For instance, at your office, you cannot perform all your work standing. So, it is better to adapt comfortable positions in order to deal with coccyx pain.

Dealing With Coccyx pain: Coccydania is aggravated upon trying to sit or if you sit in the same position for a prolonged time period. So, it is suggested that alternative comfortable positions are sought to alleviate pain or at least stop it from aggravating. Here are a few tips to follow to avoid tail bone pain.

  • Keep changing positions on a regular basis. Sitting, leaning and standing for prolonged periods not only aggravate your coccyx pains but could also lead to other syndromes that can cause discomfort. It is therefore recommended by many physicians to keep changing positions no matter what. In case of coccydania, it is better you time your position changing to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Lean forward while sitting. Pain can be lessened by leaning forward while sitting. Usually, a desk is the best option for any person in order to lean forward so that the arms also are rested. But, it is necessary not to apply any strain on the back while leaning forward.
  • Lean over to a particular side while sitting. Most people with coccyx pain find it comfortable leaning to one particular side when in the sitting position. Leaning to one side places the body weight onto only one buttock, thus alleviating the pressure put on the tail bone. But, it is important that this technique is not over done as it could lead to other back problems. Also, switching sides whenever you lean is much better than trying to always lean to either left or right.
  • Coccyx cushions like donut cushions and wedge cushions can help alter the pressure exertion on the tail bone and relieve your tail bone from pain.

It is advisable that a person suffering from coccyx pain adopts all the different types of positions in order to avoid other complications. If the pain tends to get severe, it is better to consult a doctor and get the right treatment or surgery done.

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