Rare Mental Disorders – When Reality Bites!

Mental disorders affect millions of people around the world and may require years of psychotherapy. In a few cases, the mental disorder suffered by an individual may turn out to be extremely bizarre and rare. Read on to explore more about such rare mental disorders which will simply amaze you!

Boanthropy – Cattle Mania
This is a mental disease wherein the afflicted person thinks that he/she is a domestic animal! A few Christians tend to believe that Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian King was afflicted with this bizarre and rare mental disorder. “He was driven away from people and ate grass like cattle” – Daniel 4:33

Paris Syndrome – The City of Dreams
It can afflict a few polite Japanese tourists when they unearth the fact that Paris does not meet their esteemed standards and Parisians can be point blank rude! The reality bites, when the Japanese tourists need to come to terms with the huge culture shock after witnessing the fact that their perception and ideas about Paris, the fashion capital of the world, were completely different and untrue.

The sudden realization leads to nearly 100 Japanese expatriates to seek psychiatrist help every year, with a quarter of the sufferers getting hospitalized. Most of the victims tend to be young women who are besotted by the romantic, chic aura of Paris.

Stendhal Syndrome – History Recalls
This mental affliction is defined as madness, paranoia, panic or dizziness caused by viewing a few historical or artistic artifacts which truly inspire and make one feel exhilarated. Also, this syndrome strikes those unfortunates who witness too many such monuments or artifacts in a very short period.

Jerusalem Syndrome – Religious Aura
This syndrome represents a collection of mental phenomena including the presence of psychosis experiences or religion based delusions or obsessive ideas. These thoughts are triggered by a visit to the holy city of Jerusalem. This is also a reason why many people flock to the holy city.

Capgras Delusion – The Doppelganger
One affected with this delusion tends to believe that a close relative, spouse or friend is replaced by an impostor (Doppelganger) who resembles the actual person . This rare mental disorder is classified as a delusional misidentification syndrome. It is specified as a class of delusional beliefs which includes the misidentification of objects, places or even people. It manifests as three forms – acute, transient and chronic.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS) – Fantasy Prevails
This mental syndrome is named after the famous novel written by Lewis Carroll. It is also renowned as Todd’s syndrome. This mental illness affects one’s perception as it is a disorienting neurological disorder. Individuals afflicted with this mental illness may experience macropsia (in this disorder, the subject appears bigger whereas the objects appear smaller) or micropsia (the subject appears bigger and objects appear smaller than normal).

Afflicted persons may also experience size distortion of different sensory modalities. This syndrome is a temporary condition and strongly associated with the use of psychoactive drugs, brain tumors and migraines.

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