Radio Frequency Ablation for Back Pain

In almost 65-80 percent people, the second most common and frequent pain that occurs is back or spine pain. Back pain causes a lot of problems during daily routines. Radio frequency ablation for back pain is a non-surgical process that can used to treat spine pains.

Rhizotomy: In order to treat spine pains, it is important to check the facet joints in the spine vertebrae which are usually the cause of the pain.

  • Waves of radio frequency are transmitted into the facet joints of the spine through a needle injected into the joints with the help of X-rays.
  • In medical terminology, this process is known as rhizotomy. The radio frequency waves injected into the spine create heat, in turn alleviating pain.

Use of Radio Frequency Ablation for Back Pain: Arthritis to the facet joints or degeneration of the facet joints can prove to be very painful and can cause either chronic or acute pains. In order to recognize facet joint pains, doctors inject a local anesthetic into the spine and upon numbness if the patient experiences no pain, radio frequency ablation can be an option for treating back pain.

The radio waves when injected into the spine, produce heat and destroy nerves that are responsible for carrying pain signals from the facet joint.

Complications of radio Frequency Ablation: Like any other procedure, radio frequency ablation also has it’s share of side effects. Though these might be rare, it is better to be prepared.

  • First and foremost, the pain in the spine might return as the procedure can fail to have an effect in a few people.
  • A few people can experience neuritis. A nerve in the spine can feel a little tender and cause pain in a few after the procedure. But, this usually heals within 3-6 weeks by itself.
  • The destroyed nerve can also lead to tumor formation in the back. This tumor is called neuroma. Neuroma can put pressure on the tissues in the area adjacent to the destroyed nerve causing pain.
  • Numbness due to nerve destruction is also a possible side effect. In a few, the numbness may also become permanent.
  • Skin infection may also be a possibility.

Radio frequency ablation for back pain may take a while for relieving you of your problem. Proper medication followed by physical therapy as suggested by your doctor is a must.

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  1. I just had this RFA done and is in serious pain…This was very help thanks alot…Very good site and valuable information…Thanks…Rose Walt…

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